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* Commit Debian 3.0 (quilt) metadataHEADdebian/1%4.14-6archive/debian/1%4.14-6masterVagrant Cascadian2020-12-29
* Upload a2ps 1:4.14-6 to unstable.Vagrant Cascadian2020-12-29
* fixnt.1: fix formatting of references to manuals (Closes: #971821).Bjarni Ingi Gislason2020-12-29
* composeglyphs.1: Remove a repeated word (Closes: #971820).Bjarni Ingi Gislason2020-12-29
* debian/control: Update Standards-Version to 4.5.1.Vagrant Cascadian2020-12-29
* debian/control: Add Vcs headers.Vagrant Cascadian2020-12-29
* debian/control: Remove Build-Depends on autotools-dev, handled by debhelper-c...Vagrant Cascadian2020-12-29
* debian/control: Add Homepage.Vagrant Cascadian2020-12-29
* debian/mime: Remove quotes around %s to fix lintian issue.Vagrant Cascadian2020-12-29
* debian/rules: Pass configure options without --runstatedir, which is unsuppor...Vagrant Cascadian2020-12-29
* debian/rules: Pass --without autoreconf to dh.Vagrant Cascadian2020-12-29
* Update to debhelper-compat 13.Vagrant Cascadian2020-12-29
* debian/rules: Add dh_auto_test override to not fail on test suite failures.Vagrant Cascadian2020-12-29
* debian/rules: Switch to dh.Vagrant Cascadian2020-12-29
* debian/copyright: Update pointer to GPL-3.Vagrant Cascadian2020-12-29
* debian/control: Set Rules-Requires-Root to "no".Vagrant Cascadian2020-12-29
* debian/rules: Remove trailing whitespace.Vagrant Cascadian2020-12-29
* debian/changelog: Remove trailing whitespace.Vagrant Cascadian2020-12-29
* debian/control: Add help2man to Build-Depends.Vagrant Cascadian2020-12-29
* a2ps (1:4.14-5) unstable; urgency=mediumStephen Kitt2020-02-17