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* Fix the appindicator include file nameAndrej Shadura2018-05-03
* Remove bogus debian/control bits from the patchdebian/12.10.0+git20151221-4archive/debian/12.10.0+git20151221-4Andrej Shadura2018-04-29
* Port to libayatana-appindicatorAndrej Shadura2018-04-29
* Unbreak parallel build (Closes: #810280).Andrew Shadura2016-01-18
* Add a DLL map fix for the glue library.Andrew Shadura2015-12-25
* Drop old patches, refresh and apply 01-pkgconfig_fixes.patch.Andrew Shadura2015-12-21
* Use "mcs" instead of "gmcs" for the compiler check for mono > 2.10Andrew Shadura2015-12-14
* Imported Debian patch 12.10.0-1Andrew Shadura2015-12-14