BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterDeclare fast forward from 9.4.2-2Carsten Leonhardt5 months
archive/debian/9.4.4-2commit 0d7a4c2b58...Carsten Leonhardt5 months
debian/9.4.4-2commit 6fa56791b7...Carsten Leonhardt5 months
archive/debian/9.4.4-1commit ced99b16ad...Carsten Leonhardt6 months
debian/9.4.4-1commit 3feb5f6cbe...Carsten Leonhardt6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-07-06Declare fast forward from 9.4.2-2HEADarchive/debian/9.4.4-2masterCarsten Leonhardt
2019-07-06Make build non-silentCarsten Leonhardt
2019-07-06Fix some lintian and validator warnings in FreeDesktop filesSven Hartge
2019-07-06Fix Lintian error about the interpreter pathSven Hartge
2019-07-06Unhide the compiler output so the build log scanner worksSven Hartge
2019-07-06change binary source path after compilationThomas Beierlein
2019-07-06Use Type=exec for systemd-240+Sven Hartge
2019-07-06Adapt upstream systemd units to Debian packaging Sven Hartge
2019-07-06Enable hardening for QMakeDebian Bacula Team
2019-07-06fix @scriptdir@ in examples/devices/*.confArne Wichmann