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authorAlfred E. Heggestad <>2016-08-17 17:58:53 +0200
committerAlfred E. Heggestad <>2016-08-17 17:58:53 +0200
commit51bcb910977c7de70eb59add3c8f7bc3cfce8aa2 (patch)
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parenta8352d927271b380cb9f9e486b25a504fd61cf0a (diff)
vidcodec: add 'intra' parameter to decoder api
- the intra flag must be set to true, if the decoded video frame is a full intra frame (Key frame) - the video decoder can use this flag to cancel sending of FIR packets
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diff --git a/include/baresip.h b/include/baresip.h
index 0e27a33..43b38c1 100644
--- a/include/baresip.h
+++ b/include/baresip.h
@@ -843,7 +843,8 @@ typedef int (videnc_encode_h)(struct videnc_state *ves, bool update,
typedef int (viddec_update_h)(struct viddec_state **vdsp,
const struct vidcodec *vc, const char *fmtp);
typedef int (viddec_decode_h)(struct viddec_state *vds, struct vidframe *frame,
- bool marker, uint16_t seq, struct mbuf *mb);
+ bool *intra, bool marker, uint16_t seq,
+ struct mbuf *mb);
struct vidcodec {
struct le le;