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authorAlfred E. Heggestad <>2015-11-30 11:01:18 +0100
committerAlfred E. Heggestad <>2015-11-30 11:01:18 +0100
commitb3009aeb15d7eb450657e741493af9409dcf968c (patch)
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parentd94d4acbc9c5c5cb77700a873a0208540ea8e8e8 (diff)
add command-line option -u to add extra UA params
- also move module pre-loading to after all arguments are parsed - the extra UA parameters will be appended to the end of the UA accounts string. Example $ baresip -umedianat=turn
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diff --git a/include/baresip.h b/include/baresip.h
index 32a4ee8..a64134a 100644
--- a/include/baresip.h
+++ b/include/baresip.h
@@ -551,6 +551,7 @@ int uag_event_register(ua_event_h *eh, void *arg);
void uag_event_unregister(ua_event_h *eh);
void uag_set_sub_handler(sip_msg_h *subh);
int ua_print_sip_status(struct re_printf *pf, void *unused);
+int uag_set_extra_params(char *eprm);
struct ua *uag_find(const struct pl *cuser);
struct ua *uag_find_aor(const char *aor);
struct ua *uag_find_param(const char *name, const char *val);