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authorAlfred E. Heggestad <>2016-07-24 18:08:02 +0200
committerAlfred E. Heggestad <>2016-07-24 18:08:02 +0200
commitff3961ad2920ba674272b4f842f4456ed685a4a7 (patch)
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conf: add handler argument to line-handler
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diff --git a/include/baresip.h b/include/baresip.h
index c6d8ae8..4173313 100644
--- a/include/baresip.h
+++ b/include/baresip.h
@@ -110,13 +110,13 @@ uint32_t call_linenum(const struct call *call);
/** Defines the configuration line handler */
-typedef int (confline_h)(const struct pl *addr);
+typedef int (confline_h)(const struct pl *addr, void *arg);
int conf_configure(void);
int conf_modules(void);
void conf_path_set(const char *path);
int conf_path_get(char *path, size_t sz);
-int conf_parse(const char *filename, confline_h *ch);
+int conf_parse(const char *filename, confline_h *ch, void *arg);
int conf_get_vidsz(const struct conf *conf, const char *name,
struct vidsz *sz);
int conf_get_sa(const struct conf *conf, const char *name, struct sa *sa);