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* config: add "call_local_timeout" config optionAlfred E. Heggestad2016-06-05
* ua: added ua exit handlerAlfred E. Heggestad2016-06-05
* baresip version 0.4.19Alfred E. Heggestad2016-05-20
* aucodec: split srate into srate and crate (Clock Rate)Alfred E. Heggestad2016-05-01
* mos: use stdint typesAlfred E. Heggestad2016-03-22
* mos: add pseudo Mean Opinion Score routineAlfred E. Heggestad2016-03-21
* baresip release v0.4.18Alfred E. Heggestad2016-03-12
* make call_is_onhold() publicAlfred E. Heggestad2016-02-27
* release baresip 0.4.17Alfred E. Heggestad2016-01-17
* selftest: silent output, add optional verbose -vAlfred E. Heggestad2016-01-09
* move playing of ringtones to the menu-moduleAlfred E. Heggestad2016-01-09
* move password_prompt function to ui.cAlfred E. Heggestad2016-01-03
* conf: keep the struct conf allocatedAlfred E. Heggestad2016-01-03
* baresip version 0.4.16Alfred E. Heggestad2015-12-01
* ua: char -> const charAlfred E. Heggestad2015-11-30
* add command-line option -u to add extra UA paramsAlfred E. Heggestad2015-11-30
* added UA_EVENT_EXITAlfred E. Heggestad2015-11-22
* ua: add event UA_EVENT_SHUTDOWNAlfred E. Heggestad2015-11-22
* presence: use struct sipevent_sock instance from coreAlfred E. Heggestad2015-10-31
* call: check address-family of incoming SDP offerAlfred E. Heggestad2015-10-29
* call: add direction flagAlfred E. Heggestad2015-10-25
* added experimental module v4l2_codecAlfred E. Heggestad2015-10-25
* move H.264 packetization code from avcodec to coreAlfred E. Heggestad2015-10-25
* audio: add API to set source/player while in callAlfred E. Heggestad2015-10-11
* ua: add support for hold+answerAlfred E. Heggestad2015-10-11
* move nested structs outside of 'struct config'Alfred E. Heggestad2015-09-30
* baresip version 0.4.15Alfred E. Heggestad2015-09-26
* ua: add UA_EVENT_CALL_DTMF_START/ENDAlfred E. Heggestad2015-09-26
* make sip_req_send() publicAlfred E. Heggestad2015-09-26
* baresip v0.4.14Alfred E. Heggestad2015-08-08
* ua: added prototype for ua_prev_call()Alfred E. Heggestad2015-08-01
* Add transfer failed call eventCharles Lehner2015-07-05
* vidcodec: move packet-handler to encode_updateAlfred E. Heggestad2015-06-27
* added -m option to pre-load modules before config is parsedAlfred E. Heggestad2015-06-27
* baresip version 0.4.13Alfred E. Heggestad2015-06-20
* vidisp: use const pointer to base-classAlfred E. Heggestad2015-06-20
* vidsrc: use const pointer to base-classAlfred E. Heggestad2015-06-20
* change ausrc/auplay base-class to pointerAlfred E. Heggestad2015-06-16
* contact: add access-parameterAlfred E. Heggestad2015-02-14
* vidcodec: add support for encode- or decode-only vidcodec modulesAlfred E. Heggestad2014-12-25
* release baresip version 0.4.12Alfred E. Heggestad2014-12-24
* ui: make ui_output() take a formatted stringAlfred E. Heggestad2014-11-30
* presence: made presence status UA specificJuha Heinanen2014-11-18
* ui: no call-status while in editing modeAlfred E. Heggestad2014-11-09
* presence/options patch from JuhaAlfred E. Heggestad2014-11-01
* Merge pull request #25 from alfredh/gruuAlfred E. Heggestad2014-10-20
| * gruu: preliminary support for SIP GRUUAlfred E. Heggestad2014-09-23
* | ui: update UI-module APIAlfred E. Heggestad2014-10-19
* modules/mwi: subscribe to mwi after registration has succeededJuha Heinanen2014-09-22
* add ua_unregister() to un-REGISTER clientAlfred E. Heggestad2014-07-06