path: root/modules/gst1
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* gst1: define _DEFAULT_SOURCEAlfred E. Heggestad2017-12-22
* gst1: define __USE_POSIX199309 firstAlfred E. Heggestad2017-12-08
* add support for specifying sample format (#317)Alfred E. Heggestad2017-11-09
* Ausrc auplay reentrant (#227)Alfred E. Heggestad2017-03-22
* gst1: remove empty header fileAlfred E. Heggestad2016-11-29
* gst1: remove re_printf debug (fixes #96)Alfred E. Heggestad2015-12-19
* build infrastructure: get rid of " = `pkg-config ...`" idiomDmitrij D. Czarkoff2015-10-16
* Revert "Get rid of VAR += `pkg-config ...` idiom"Alfred E. Heggestad2015-10-12
* Get rid of VAR += `pkg-config ...` idiomDmitrij D. Czarkoff2015-10-10
* gst1/gst_video1: add -Wno-cast-align to CFLAGS to avoid clang warningsAlfred E. Heggestad2015-08-08
* gst: update doxygen headersAlfred E. Heggestad2015-08-01
* add modules using gstreamer-1.0Alfred E. Heggestad2015-08-01