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* update some modules with new aucodec apiAlfred E. Heggestad2018-01-06
* speex: mark it as obsoletedAlfred E. Heggestad2017-03-23
* aucodec: move list of aucodec to struct baresip (#221)Alfred E. Heggestad2017-03-04
* aucodec: split srate into srate and crate (Clock Rate)Alfred E. Heggestad2016-05-01
* speex: put back no-strict-prototypesAlfred E. Heggestad2015-08-01
* convert some module to use the new MOD_ prefix for CFLAGSAlfred E. Heggestad2015-08-01
* speex: use _CFLAGSAlfred E. Heggestad2015-08-01
* module documentationAlfred E. Heggestad2015-06-20
* speex: fix config parsingDmitrij D. Czarkoff2015-06-04
* speex, docs, src: added speex_mode_nb and speex_mode_wb config varsJuha Heinanen2015-06-04
* baresip 0.4.10Alfred E. Heggestad2014-02-09