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* update changelog for version 0.5.9Alfred E. Heggestad2018-04-21
* baresip version 0.5.8Alfred E. Heggestad2018-02-11
* update debian and rpmAlfred E. Heggestad2017-12-25
* version 0.5.6Alfred E. Heggestad2017-10-14
* baresip version 0.5.5Alfred E. Heggestad2017-09-07
* release version 0.5.4Alfred E. Heggestad2017-06-23
* release version 0.5.3Alfred E. Heggestad2017-05-14
* release baresip 0.5.2Alfred E. Heggestad2017-04-07
* version 0.5.1Alfred E. Heggestad2017-03-03
* update changelog etc. before 0.5.0 releaseAlfred E. Heggestad2016-12-22
* baresip version 0.4.20Alfred E. Heggestad2016-07-22
* baresip version 0.4.19Alfred E. Heggestad2016-05-20
* baresip release v0.4.18Alfred E. Heggestad2016-03-12
* release baresip 0.4.17Alfred E. Heggestad2016-01-17
* baresip version 0.4.16Alfred E. Heggestad2015-12-01
* baresip version 0.4.15Alfred E. Heggestad2015-09-26
* baresip v0.4.14Alfred E. Heggestad2015-08-08
* update rpm and debianAlfred E. Heggestad2015-06-20
* release baresip version 0.4.12Alfred E. Heggestad2014-12-24
* 0.4.11 -- updated ChangeLogAlfred E. Heggestad2014-06-21
* baresip 0.4.10Alfred E. Heggestad2014-02-09