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* config: added 'audio_path' config variableJuha Heinanen2016-06-07
* net: make networking code re-entrantAlfred E. Heggestad2016-06-06
* fix warning about unused argAlfred E. Heggestad2016-06-05
* ua: added ua exit handlerAlfred E. Heggestad2016-06-05
* release baresip 0.4.17Alfred E. Heggestad2016-01-17
* conf: keep the struct conf allocatedAlfred E. Heggestad2016-01-03
* add command-line option -u to add extra UA paramsAlfred E. Heggestad2015-11-30
* selftest: new binaryAlfred E. Heggestad2015-08-09
* added -m option to pre-load modules before config is parsedAlfred E. Heggestad2015-06-27
* update copyright to 2015Alfred E. Heggestad2015-05-02
* main: added -t for test modeAlfred E. Heggestad2014-12-24
* add option to set path to audio-filesAlfred E. Heggestad2014-06-29
* main: unload modules on forced exitAlfred E. Heggestad2014-02-12
* baresip 0.4.10Alfred E. Heggestad2014-02-09