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* test: fix build when USE_VIDEO is offAlfred E. Heggestad2016-12-07
* test: added testcase for call with videoAlfred E. Heggestad2016-12-07
* cmd: add support for long commandsAlfred E. Heggestad2016-08-07
* test: add test for sending DTMF-digitsAlfred E. Heggestad2016-07-31
* contact: make contacts re-entrantAlfred E. Heggestad2016-07-24
* added config 'call_max_calls' to limit maximum number of calls per uaAlfred E. Heggestad2016-07-23
* call: add sequential line-numbers for multiple calls (ref #141)Alfred E. Heggestad2016-07-23
* add support for rtp_timeout and redialAlfred E. Heggestad2016-07-19
* test: added testcase for SIP OPTIONSAlfred E. Heggestad2016-06-19
* net: make networking code re-entrantAlfred E. Heggestad2016-06-06
* fix warning about unused argAlfred E. Heggestad2016-06-05
* ua: added ua exit handlerAlfred E. Heggestad2016-06-05
* test: add test-case for DNS SRV loadbalancing and authentication (refs #39)Alfred E. Heggestad2016-04-09
* test: added test-case for authenticated registerAlfred E. Heggestad2016-04-03
* add test for SIP with DNSAlfred E. Heggestad2016-04-02
* mos: add pseudo Mean Opinion Score routineAlfred E. Heggestad2016-03-21
* test: add testcases for call hangup from both sidesAlfred E. Heggestad2016-02-14
* test: add option to specify which testcase(s) to runAlfred E. Heggestad2016-02-14
* test: add option -l to list all testcasesAlfred E. Heggestad2016-02-14
* selftest: silent output, add optional verbose -vAlfred E. Heggestad2016-01-09
* call: check address-family of incoming SDP offerAlfred E. Heggestad2015-10-29
* test: added 2 call testsAlfred E. Heggestad2015-10-29
* test: enable TCP and TLS for ua registration testAlfred E. Heggestad2015-10-10
* test: run all testcases from an array of testsAlfred E. Heggestad2015-10-10
* test: use new sipsrv from retestAlfred E. Heggestad2015-10-04
* test: added a test for C++ api compatibilityAlfred E. Heggestad2015-09-30
* selftest: new binaryAlfred E. Heggestad2015-08-09