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+;;; -*- Mode:Emacs-Lisp -*-
+;;; This file is the part of the Insidious Big Brother Database (aka BBDB),
+;;; copyright (c) 1991, 1992, 1993 Jamie Zawinski <>.
+;;; Interface to VM (View Mail) 5.31 or greater. See bbdb.texinfo.
+;;; The Insidious Big Brother Database is free software; you can redistribute
+;;; it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
+;;; published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 1, or (at your
+;;; option) any later version.
+;;; BBDB is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
+;;; WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
+;;; FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more
+;;; details.
+;;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
+;;; along with GNU Emacs; see the file COPYING. If not, write to
+;;; the Free Software Foundation, 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
+ (require 'cl)
+ (require 'bbdb)
+ (require 'bbdb-com)
+ (require 'bbdb-snarf)
+ (require 'vm-version)
+ (require 'vm-macro)
+ (require 'vm-message)
+ (require 'vm-misc)
+ (require 'vm-undo)
+ (require 'vm-motion)
+ (require 'vm-summary)
+ (require 'vm-vars)
+ (require 'vm-folder)
+ (require 'vm-mime))
+(defun bbdb/vm-get-header-content (header-field msg)
+ (let ((content (vm-get-header-contents msg (concat header-field ":"))))
+ (if content
+ (vm-decode-mime-encoded-words-in-string content))))
+(defcustom bbdb/vm-update-records-mode
+; '(if (vm-new-flag msg) 'annotating 'searching)
+ 'annotating
+ "Controls how `bbdb/vm-update-records' processes email addresses.
+Set this to an expression which evaluates either to 'searching or
+'annotating. When set to 'annotating email addresses will be fed to
+`bbdb-annotate-message-sender' in order to update existing records or create
+new ones. A value of 'searching will search just for existing records having
+the right net.
+The default is to annotate only new messages."
+ :group 'bbdb-mua-specific-vm
+ :type '(choice (const :tag "annotating all messages"
+ annotating)
+ (const :tag "annotating no messages"
+ searching)
+ (const :tag "annotating only new messages"
+ (if (vm-new-flag msg) 'annotating 'searching))
+ (sexp :tag "user defined")))
+(defun bbdb/vm-update-record (&optional offer-to-create)
+ (let* ((bbdb-get-only-first-address-p t)
+ (records (bbdb/vm-update-records offer-to-create)))
+ (if records (car records) nil)))
+(defun bbdb/vm-update-records (&optional offer-to-create)
+ "Returns the records corresponding to the current VM message,
+creating or modifying them as necessary. A record will be created if
+`bbdb/mail-auto-create-p' is non-nil or if OFFER-TO-CREATE is true, and
+the user confirms the creation.
+The variable `bbdb/vm-update-records-mode' controls what actions
+are performed and it might override `bbdb-update-records-mode'.
+When hitting C-g once you will not be asked anymore for new people listed
+in this message, but it will search only for existing records. When hitting
+C-g again it will stop scanning."
+ (vm-select-folder-buffer)
+ (vm-check-for-killed-summary)
+ (vm-error-if-folder-empty)
+ (let ((msg (car vm-message-pointer))
+ (enable-local-variables t) ; ...or vm bind this to nil.
+ (inhibit-quit nil) ; vm better not bind this to t!
+ (bbdb/vm-offer-to-create offer-to-create)
+ cache records)
+ ;; ignore cache if we may be creating a record, since the cache
+ ;; may otherwise tell us that the user didn't want a record for
+ ;; this person.
+ (if (not bbdb/vm-offer-to-create)
+ (setq cache (and msg (bbdb-message-cache-lookup msg))))
+ (if cache
+ (setq records (if bbdb-get-only-first-address-p
+ (list (car cache))
+ cache))
+ (let ((bbdb-update-records-mode (or bbdb/vm-update-records-mode
+ bbdb-update-records-mode)))
+ (setq records (bbdb-update-records
+ (bbdb-get-addresses bbdb-get-only-first-address-p
+ vm-summary-uninteresting-senders
+ 'bbdb/vm-get-header-content
+ (vm-real-message-of msg))
+ bbdb/mail-auto-create-p
+ offer-to-create))
+ (bbdb-encache-message msg records)))
+ records))
+(defun bbdb/vm-annotate-sender (string &optional replace)
+ "Add a line to the end of the Notes field of the BBDB record
+corresponding to the sender of this message. If REPLACE is non-nil,
+replace the existing notes entry (if any)."
+ (interactive
+ (list (if bbdb-readonly-p
+ (error "The Insidious Big Brother Database is read-only.")
+ (read-string "Comments: "))))
+ (vm-follow-summary-cursor)
+ (let ((record (or (bbdb/vm-update-record t) (error "unperson"))))
+ (bbdb-annotate-notes record string 'notes replace)))
+(defun bbdb/vm-edit-notes (&optional arg)
+ "Edit the notes field or (with a prefix arg) a user-defined field
+of the BBDB record corresponding to the sender of this message."
+ (interactive "P")
+ (vm-follow-summary-cursor)
+ (let ((record (or (bbdb/vm-update-record t) (error "unperson"))))
+ (bbdb-display-records (list record))
+ (if arg
+ (bbdb-record-edit-property record nil t)
+ (bbdb-record-edit-notes record t))))
+(defun bbdb/vm-show-records (&optional address-class)
+ "Display the contents of the BBDB for the sender of this message.
+This buffer will be in bbdb-mode, with associated keybindings."
+ (interactive)
+ (vm-follow-summary-cursor)
+ (let ((bbdb-get-addresses-headers
+ (if address-class
+ (list (assoc address-class bbdb-get-addresses-headers))
+ bbdb-get-addresses-headers))
+ (bbdb/vm-update-records-mode 'annotating)
+ (bbdb-message-cache nil)
+ ;; should we move this to bbdb/vm-show-sender?
+ (bbdb-user-mail-names nil)
+ (vm-summary-uninteresting-senders nil)
+ records)
+ (setq records (bbdb/vm-update-records t))
+ (if records
+ (bbdb-display-records records)
+ (bbdb-undisplay-records))
+ records))
+(defun bbdb/vm-show-all-recipients ()
+ "Show all recipients of this message. Counterpart to `bbdb/vm-show-sender'."
+ (interactive)
+ (let ((bbdb-get-only-first-address-p nil))
+ (bbdb/vm-show-records 'recipients)))
+(defun bbdb/vm-show-sender (&optional show-recipients)
+ "Display the contents of the BBDB for the senders of this message.
+With a prefix argument show the recipients instead,
+with two prefix arguments show all records.
+This buffer will be in `bbdb-mode', with associated keybindings."
+ (interactive "p")
+ (cond ((= 4 show-recipients)
+ (bbdb/vm-show-all-recipients))
+ ((= 16 show-recipients)
+ (let ((bbdb-get-only-first-address-p nil))
+ (bbdb/vm-show-records)))
+ (t
+ (if (null (bbdb/vm-show-records 'authors))
+ (bbdb/vm-show-all-recipients)))))
+(defun bbdb/vm-pop-up-bbdb-buffer (&optional offer-to-create)
+ "Make the *BBDB* buffer be displayed along with the VM window(s).
+Displays the records corresponding to the sender respectively
+recipients of the current message.
+See `bbdb-get-addresses-headers' and 'bbdb-get-only-first-address-p' for
+configuration of what is being displayed."
+ (save-excursion
+ (let ((bbdb-gag-messages t)
+ (bbdb-electric-p nil)
+ (records (bbdb/vm-update-records offer-to-create))
+ (bbdb-buffer-name bbdb-buffer-name))
+ (when (and bbdb-use-pop-up records)
+ (bbdb-pop-up-bbdb-buffer
+ (function (lambda (w)
+ (let ((b (current-buffer)))
+ (set-buffer (window-buffer w))
+ (prog1 (member major-mode '(vm-mode vm-presentation-mode))
+ (set-buffer b))))))
+ ;; Always update the records; if there are no records, empty the
+ ;; BBDB window. This should be generic, not VM-specific.
+ (bbdb-display-records records bbdb-pop-up-display-layout))
+ (when (not records)
+ (bbdb-undisplay-records)
+ (if (get-buffer-window bbdb-buffer-name)
+ (delete-window (get-buffer-window bbdb-buffer-name)))))))
+;; By Alastair Burt <>
+;; vm 5.40 and newer support a new summary format, %U<letter>, to call
+;; a user-provided function. Use "%-17.17UB" instead of "%-17.17F" to
+;; have your VM summary buffers display BBDB's idea of the sender's full
+;; name instead of the name (or lack thereof) in the message itself.
+(defun vm-summary-function-B (m &optional to-p)
+ "Given a VM message returns the BBDB name of the sender.
+Respects vm-summary-uninteresting-senders."
+ (if (and vm-summary-uninteresting-senders (not to-p))
+ (let ((case-fold-search nil))
+ (if (string-match vm-summary-uninteresting-senders (vm-su-from m))
+ (concat vm-summary-uninteresting-senders-arrow
+ (vm-summary-function-B m t))
+ (or (bbdb/vm-alternate-full-name (vm-su-from m))
+ (vm-su-full-name m))))
+ (or (bbdb/vm-alternate-full-name (if to-p (vm-su-to m) (vm-su-from m)))
+ (vm-decode-mime-encoded-words-in-string
+ (if to-p (vm-su-to-names m) (vm-su-full-name m))))))
+(defun bbdb/vm-alternate-full-name (address)
+ (if address
+ (let ((entry (bbdb-search-simple
+ nil
+ (if (and address bbdb-canonicalize-net-hook)
+ (bbdb-canonicalize-address address)
+ address))))
+ (if entry
+ (or (bbdb-record-getprop entry 'mail-name)
+ (bbdb-record-name entry))))))
+;; From: Mark Thomas <>
+;; Subject: auto-folder-alist from bbdb
+(defcustom bbdb/vm-set-auto-folder-alist-field 'vm-folder
+ "*The field which `bbdb/vm-set-auto-folder-alist' searches for."
+ :group 'bbdb-mua-specific-vm
+ :type 'symbol)
+(defcustom bbdb/vm-set-auto-folder-alist-headers '("From:" "To:" "CC:")
+ "*The headers used by `bbdb/vm-set-auto-folder-alist'.
+The order in this list is the order how matching will be performed!"
+ :group 'bbdb-mua-specific-vm
+ :type '(repeat (string :tag "header name")))
+(defun bbdb/vm-set-auto-folder-alist ()
+ "Create a `vm-auto-folder-alist' according to the records in the bbdb.
+For each record that has a 'vm-folder' attribute, add an
+element (email-regexp . folder) to the `vm-auto-folder-alist'.
+The element gets added to the 'element-name' sublist of the
+The car of the element consists of all the email addresses for the
+bbdb record concatenated with OR; the cdr is the value of the
+vm-folder attribute.
+If the first character of vm-folders value is a quote ' it will be
+parsed as lisp expression and is evaluated to return a folder name,
+e.g. define you own function `my-folder-name' and set it to
+ '(my-folder-name)"
+ (interactive)
+ (let* (;; we add the email-address/vm-folder-name pair to this
+ ;; sublist of the vm-auto-folder-alist variable
+ (headers (reverse bbdb/vm-set-auto-folder-alist-headers))
+ header
+ ;; grab the folder list from the vm-auto-folder-alist
+ folder-list
+ ;; the raw-notes and vm-folder attributes of the current bbdb
+ ;; record
+ notes-field folder
+ ;; a regexp matching all the email addresses from the bbdb
+ ;; record
+ email-regexp
+ ;;
+ records)
+ (setq records
+ (delete
+ nil
+ (mapcar (lambda (r)
+ (if (bbdb-record-getprop r bbdb/vm-set-auto-folder-alist-field)
+ r))
+ (bbdb-records))))
+ (while headers
+ (setq header (car headers) headers (cdr headers))
+ ;; create the folder-list in vm-auto-folder-alist if it doesn't exist
+ (setq folder-list (assoc header vm-auto-folder-alist))
+ (unless folder-list
+ (setq vm-auto-folder-alist (cons (list header)
+ vm-auto-folder-alist)
+ folder-list (assoc header vm-auto-folder-alist)))
+ (mapcar
+ (lambda (r)
+ (setq notes-field (bbdb-record-raw-notes r))
+ (when (and (listp notes-field)
+ (setq folder (cdr (assq bbdb/vm-set-auto-folder-alist-field
+ notes-field))))
+ ;; quote all the email addresses for the record and join them
+ ;; with OR
+ (setq email-regexp (regexp-opt (bbdb-record-net r)))
+ (unless (or (zerop (length email-regexp))
+ (assoc email-regexp folder-list))
+ ;; be careful: nconc modifies the list in place
+ (if (equal (elt folder 0) ?\')
+ (setq folder (read (substring folder 1))))
+ (nconc folder-list (list (cons email-regexp folder))))))
+ records))))
+;;; bbdb/vm-auto-add-label
+;;; Howard Melman, contributed Jun 16 2000
+(defcustom bbdb/vm-auto-add-label-list nil
+ "*List used by `bbdb/vm-auto-add-label' to automatically label messages.
+Each element in the list is either a string or a list of two strings.
+If a single string then it is used as both the field value to check for
+and the label to apply to the message. If a list of two strings, the first
+is the field value to search for and the second is the label to apply."
+ :group 'bbdb-mua-specific-vm
+ :type 'list)
+(defcustom bbdb/vm-auto-add-label-field bbdb-define-all-aliases-field
+ "*Fields used by `bbdb/vm-auto-add-label' to automatically label messages.
+Value is either a single symbol or a list of symbols of bbdb fields that
+`bbdb/vm-auto-add-label' uses to check for labels to apply to messages.
+Defaults to `bbdb-define-all-aliases-field' which is typically `mail-alias'."
+ :group 'bbdb-mua-specific-vm
+ :type '(choice symbol list))
+(defun bbdb/vm-auto-add-label (record)
+ "Automatically add labels to messages based on the mail-alias field.
+Add this to `bbdb-notice-hook' and if using VM each message that bbdb
+notices will be checked. If the sender has a value in the
+bbdb/vm-auto-add-label-field in their BBDB record that
+matches a value in `bbdb/vm-auto-add-label-list' then a VM
+label will be added to the message.
+This works great when `bbdb-user-mail-names' is set. As a result
+mail that you send to people (and copy yourself on) is labeled as well.
+This is how you hook it in.
+;; (add-hook 'bbdb-notice-hook 'bbdb/vm-auto-add-label)
+ (let (field aliases sep)
+ (and (eq major-mode 'vm-mode)
+ (mapcar #'(lambda(x)
+ (and
+ (setq field (bbdb-record-getprop record x))
+ (setq sep (or (get x 'field-separator) ","))
+ (setq aliases (append aliases (bbdb-split field sep)))))
+ (cond ((listp bbdb/vm-auto-add-label-field)
+ bbdb/vm-auto-add-label-field)
+ ((symbolp bbdb/vm-auto-add-label-field)
+ (list bbdb/vm-auto-add-label-field))
+ (t (error "Bad value for bbdb/vm-auto-add-label-field"))
+ ))
+ (vm-add-message-labels
+ (mapconcat #'(lambda (l)
+ (cond ((stringp l)
+ (if (member l aliases)
+ l))
+ ((and (consp l)
+ (stringp (car l))
+ (stringp (cdr l)))
+ (if (member (car l) aliases)
+ (cdr l)))
+ (t
+ (error "Malformed bbdb/vm-auto-add-label-list")
+ )))
+ bbdb/vm-auto-add-label-list
+ " ")
+ 1))))
+;;; Automatically add a record for replies.
+;;; Contributed by Robert Fenk, 27 Oct 2000. It only took me 8 months to put
+;;; it in the source...
+;;; (add-hook 'vm-reply-hook 'bbdb/vm-force-create) to enable it. You could
+;;; presumably hook it elsewhere as well.
+(defun bbdb/vm-force-create ()
+ "Force automatic adding of a bbdb entry for current message."
+ (interactive)
+ (let ((bbdb/mail-auto-create-p t)
+ (bbdb-message-caching-enabled nil))
+ (save-excursion
+ (vm-select-folder-buffer)
+ (bbdb/vm-pop-up-bbdb-buffer))))
+(defun bbdb-insinuate-vm ()
+ "Call this function to hook BBDB into VM."
+ (cond ((boundp 'vm-select-message-hook) ; VM 5.36+
+ (add-hook 'vm-select-message-hook 'bbdb/vm-pop-up-bbdb-buffer))
+ ((boundp 'vm-show-message-hook) ; VM 5.32.L+
+ (add-hook 'vm-show-message-hook 'bbdb/vm-pop-up-bbdb-buffer))
+ (t
+ (error "vm versions older than 5.36 no longer supported")))
+ (define-key vm-mode-map ":" 'bbdb/vm-show-sender)
+ ;; (define-key vm-mode-map "'" 'bbdb/vm-show-all-recipients) ;; not yet
+ (define-key vm-mode-map ";" 'bbdb/vm-edit-notes)
+ (define-key vm-mode-map "/" 'bbdb)
+ ;; VM used to inherit from mail-mode-map, so bbdb-insinuate-sendmail
+ ;; did this. Kyle, you loser.
+ (if (boundp 'vm-mail-mode-map)
+ (define-key vm-mail-mode-map "\M-\t" 'bbdb-complete-name)))
+(provide 'bbdb-vm)