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* remove source filesDavid Bremner2019-09-07
* * do a full path check for emacs/xemacs, otherwise test -x won't work.Ronan Waide2006-02-08
* * inverted condition check. Doh.Ronan Waide2006-01-30
* * check if the provided/found emacs program is executableRonan Waide2006-01-29
* * if there's a space in EMACS_PROG, quote the whole string.Ronan Waide2005-09-05
* Sane defaults for autoconf stuff. See ChangeLogRonan Waide2001-11-19
* aclocal.m4, Upgrade to Autoconf 2.50.Didier Verna2001-06-05
* aclocal.m4: fix Emacs detection problem whenDidier Verna2001-05-23
* new files for autoconf supportDidier Verna2001-01-08