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* remove source filesDavid Bremner2019-09-07
* Remove all CVS keywords, which don't do anything in gitBarak A. Pearlmutter2011-03-19
* One more tiny fix from JochenRonan Waide2003-08-11
* More fixes from JochenRonan Waide2003-08-08
* Patch from Jochen K├╝pper <>:Ronan Waide2003-08-05
* *** empty log message ***Ronan Waide2002-10-20
* allows bbdb-pgp.el to be configured to use message.el MML tags to performRonan Waide2002-10-18
* Add-ons that didn't make it to the current release.Ronan Waide2001-01-24