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-This package uses CDBS (and therefore in order to
-apply patches to the upstream source. Patches are stored in
-debian/patches and their filenames usually end in .patch or .diff .
-For further details, see the man page for cdbs-edit-patch.
-All commands described below should be run from the top directory of the
-package source tree, unless otherwise stated.
- * To generate the fully patched source, in a form ready for
- editing, that would be built to create Debian packages, run:
- make -f debian/rules apply-patches
- Note: It has been proposed that, in future, this should happen
- automatically when you run dpkg-source -x on a CDBS
- source package. However, this proposal has
- apparently not yet been implemented, so for now you have to do
- it yourself like this.
- * To modify the source and save those modifications so that
- they will be applied when building the package, pick a
- suitably informative patch file name, for example
- 01_add_README.source_file.patch, and then run:
- cdbs-edit-patch 01_add_README.source_file.patch
- This will place you in a new shell in a temporary copy of the
- source tree. Make your desired modifications to it, and then
- exit the shell to create the patch file containing them (this
- file will appear in debian/patches).
- * To remove source modifications that are currently being
- applied when building the package, run:
- make -f debian/rules reverse-patches