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authorReinhard Tartler <>2008-01-19 15:05:28 +0100
committerReinhard Tartler <>2008-01-19 15:05:28 +0100
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Import of boxbackup 0.10
This is actually a quite funny commit: I had started my packaging branch in a strange way: I did not start from a clean tarball, but used an existing packaging directory as starting place. This makes upgrading to a new upstream hard. So I branched revision 1, and 'bzr import'ed the Upstream tarball of version 0.10 over it. The upstream tarball version I used for this commit has the md5sum: 2dc02d87932fdb222ed019443ddcf444
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diff --git a/bin/bbackupd/bbackupd-config b/bin/bbackupd/bbackupd-config
index 082a870f..fb73e8d3 100755
--- a/bin/bbackupd/bbackupd-config
+++ b/bin/bbackupd/bbackupd-config
@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ Bad command line parameters.
bbackupd-config config-dir backup-mode account-num server-hostname working-dir backup-dir [more backup directories]
-config-dir usually /etc/boxbackup
+config-dir usually /etc/box
backup-mode is lazy or snapshot
lazy mode runs continously, uploading files over a specified age
snapshot mode uploads a snapshot of the filesystem when instructed explicitly
@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ __E
# default locations
-my $default_config_location = '/etc/boxbackup/bbackupd.conf';
+my $default_config_location = '/etc/box/bbackupd.conf';
# command line parameters
my ($config_dir,$backup_mode,$account_num,$server,$working_dir,@tobackup) = @ARGV;