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Allow undelete command to work on files as well as directories.
Add delete command that works on files and directories. Document both commands.
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diff --git a/bin/bbackupquery/bbackupquery.cpp b/bin/bbackupquery/bbackupquery.cpp
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--- a/bin/bbackupquery/bbackupquery.cpp
+++ b/bin/bbackupquery/bbackupquery.cpp
@@ -308,7 +308,7 @@ int main(int argc, const char *argv[])
if(!quiet) printf("Login complete.\n\nType \"help\" for a list of commands.\n\n");
// Set up a context for our work
- BackupQueries context(connection, conf);
+ BackupQueries context(connection, conf, readWrite);
// Start running commands... first from the command line