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Allow restoring directories with a single argument, using the remote name
as the local destination name also.
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@@ -119,10 +119,13 @@ compare <store-dir-name> <local-dir-name>
This can be used for automated tests.
-> restore [-drif] <directory-name> <local-directory-name>
+> restore [-drif] <directory-name> [<local-directory-name>]
Restores a directory to the local disc. The local directory specified
- must not exist (unless a previous restore is being restarted).
+ must not exist (unless a previous restore is being restarted). If the
+ local directory is omitted, the default is to restore to the same
+ directory name and path, relative to the current local directory,
+ as set with the "lcd" command.
The root cannot be restored -- restore locations individually.