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Add option to sort results of bbackupquery ls command.
The new default is to sort by name, with directories first. Put the documentation on the "ls" command, instead of the "list" command, since that's annoyed me too many times. The recursive list option is changed from "-r" to "-R", to match the shell ls command.
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@@ -29,11 +29,11 @@ All directory names relative to a "current" directory, or from root if they
start with '/'. The initial directory is always the root directory.
-> list [options] [directory-name]
+> ls [options] [directory-name]
List contents of current directory, or specified directory.
- -r -- recursively list all files
+ -R -- recursively list all files
-d -- list deleted files/directories
-o -- list old versions of files/directories
-I -- don't display object ID
@@ -45,13 +45,17 @@ start with '/'. The initial directory is always the root directory.
-s -- show file size in blocks used on server
(only very approximate indication of size locally)
-h -- show file attributes hash
+ -D -- sort directories together with files (not dirs first)
+ -i -- sort by object ID (the old default)
+ -S -- sort by object size in blocks
+ -U -- don't sort the results (new default is to sort by name)
-ls can be used as an alias.
+list can be used as an alias.
-> ls
+> list
- Alias for 'list'. Type 'help list' for options.
+ Alias for 'ls'. Type 'help ls' for options.
> cd [options] <directory-name>