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Fix documentation comments on ExcludeDir/AlwaysInclude.
Fix warning about mounted filesystems to reflect current reality.
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diff --git a/bin/bbackupd/ b/bin/bbackupd/
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--- a/bin/bbackupd/
+++ b/bin/bbackupd/
@@ -123,9 +123,9 @@ __E
print ' ',$_,"\n" for(@tobackup);
print <<__E;
-Note: If other file systems are mounted inside these directories, then problems may occur
-with files on the store server being renamed incorrectly. This will cause efficiency
-problems, but not affect the integrity of the backups.
+Note: If other file systems are mounted inside these directories, then
+they will NOT be backed up. You will have to create separate locations for
+any mounted filesystems inside your backup locations.
WARNING: Directories not checked against mountpoints. Check mounted filesystems manually.
@@ -425,7 +425,24 @@ Server
# files, except one MP3 file in particular.
# In general, Exclude excludes a file or directory, unless the directory is
-# explicitly mentioned in a AlwaysInclude directive.
+# explicitly mentioned in a AlwaysInclude directive. However, Box Backup
+# does NOT scan inside excluded directories and will never back up an
+# AlwaysIncluded file or directory inside an excluded directory or any
+# subdirectory thereof.
+# To back up a directory inside an excluded directory, use a configuration
+# like this, to ensure that each directory in the path to the important
+# files is included, but none of their contents will be backed up except
+# the directories futher down that path to the important one.
+# ExcludeDirsRegex = /home/user/bigfiles/.*
+# ExcludeFilesRegex = /home/user/bigfiles/.*
+# AlwaysIncludeDir = /home/user/bigfiles/path
+# AlwaysIncludeDir = /home/user/bigfiles/path/to
+# AlwaysIncludeDir = /home/user/bigfiles/path/important
+# AlwaysIncludeDir = /home/user/bigfiles/path/important/files
+# AlwaysIncludeDirsRegex = /home/user/bigfiles/path/important/files/.*
+# AlwaysIncludeFilesRegex = /home/user/bigfiles/path/important/files/.*
# If a directive ends in Regex, then it is a regular expression rather than a
# explicit full pathname. See