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authorPer Reedtz Thomsen <>2006-04-15 07:44:41 +0000
committerPer Reedtz Thomsen <>2006-04-15 07:44:41 +0000
commite87ec25dd2e1a8bd423de3864872e971e165d229 (patch)
treefdc06f60e0723fcc8ef0aab34150d6fabc01e725 /documentation/boxbackup/Makefile
parent362e0a6c86143efb32798497f7b157eeb0302355 (diff)
Added bbstoreaccounts man page.
Added man-page specific XSL stylesheets. Rearranged the layout of the output directories. There are now 2 output directories: - box-hmtl, which gets tarred up into the dockit tarball for installation on a web server. - man-pages, which contains all the .1.gz files for installation somewhere in $MANPATH (/usr/share/man/manX?)
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1 files changed, 20 insertions, 17 deletions
diff --git a/documentation/boxbackup/Makefile b/documentation/boxbackup/Makefile
index 429976ee..aebe72bd 100644
--- a/documentation/boxbackup/Makefile
+++ b/documentation/boxbackup/Makefile
@@ -6,54 +6,57 @@ DBPROC=/usr/bin/xsltproc
VPATH= adminguide
.SUFFIXES: .html .xml
-all: adminguide instguide manpages
+all: adminguide instguide manpages
-adminguide: adminguide/index.html
+adminguide: $(HTMLPREFIX)/adminguide/index.html
-adminguide/index.html: adminguide.xml ExceptionCodes.xml $(BOOKXSL)
+$(HTMLPREFIX)/adminguide/index.html: adminguide.xml ExceptionCodes.xml $(BOOKXSL)
# docname=`echo $@ | sed -e 's/\/index.html//'`
- $(DBPROC) -o adminguide/ $(BOOKXSL) adminguide.xml
+ $(DBPROC) -o $(HTMLPREFIX)/adminguide/ $(BOOKXSL) adminguide.xml
-instguide: instguide/index.html
+instguide: $(HTMLPREFIX)/instguide/index.html
-instguide/index.html: instguide.xml $(BOOKXSL)
- $(DBPROC) -o instguide/ $(BOOKXSL) instguide.xml
+$(HTMLPREFIX)/instguide/index.html: instguide.xml $(BOOKXSL)
+ $(DBPROC) -o $(HTMLPREFIX)/instguide/ $(BOOKXSL) instguide.xml
ExceptionCodes.xml: ../../ExceptionCodes.txt
perl ./
manpages: man-dirs man-nroff man-html
-man-dirs: man-pages/.there man-html/.there
+man-dirs: man-pages/.there $(HTMLPREFIX)/man-html/.there
- if [ ! -d man-html ]; then mkdir man-html; touch man-html/.there; fi
+ if [ ! -d man-html ]; then mkdir -p $(HTMLPREFIX)/man-html; touch $(HTMLPREFIX)/man-html/.there; fi
if [ ! -d man-pages ]; then mkdir man-pages; touch man-pages/.there; fi
-man-nroff: bbackupquery.1 bbackupctl.1
+man-nroff: bbackupquery.1 bbackupctl.1 bbstoreaccounts.1
-man-html: bbackupquery.html bbackupctl.html
+man-html: bbackupquery.html bbackupctl.html bbstoreaccounts.html
%.html: %.xml
- mv $@ man-html/.
+ mv $@ $(HTMLPREFIX)/man-html/.
%.1: %.xml
$(DBPROC) -o $@ $(MANXSL) $<
mv $@ man-pages/.
+ gzip -f -9 man-pages/$@
dockit: instguide adminguide manpages
- tar zcf documentation-kit-0.10.tar.gz html/ instguide/ adminguide/ man-html/ man-pages
+ mkdir $(HTMLPREFIX)/images
+ cp html/images/*.png $(HTMLPREFIX)/images/.
+ cp html/*.css $(HTMLPREFIX)/.
+ tar zcf documentation-kit-0.10.tar.gz $(HTMLPREFIX)/
- if [ -d ./instguide ]; then rm -rf ./instguide/; fi
- if [ -d ./adminguide ]; then rm -rf ./adminguide/; fi
- if [ -d ./man-html ]; then rm -rf ./man-html/; fi
+ if [ -d ./$(HTMLPREFIX) ]; then rm -rf $(HTMLPREFIX) ; fi
if [ -d ./man-pages ]; then rm -rf ./man-pages/; fi
if [ -f ExceptionCodes.xml ]; then rm ExceptionCodes.xml; fi
if [ -f docuemtation-kit-0.10.tar.gz ]; then rm documentation-kit-0.10.tar.gz; fi