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Don't skip building docs if we can't find a SVN version, as it breaks
build on exported copies. It doesn't do any harm in distributions either, as long as timestamps on the pre-built man pages are correct, and allows users to modify the docbook source and rebuild as long as they have xsltproc.
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@@ -211,7 +211,7 @@ $dir/${name}.gz: docs/man/${name}.gz
# Only build the docs if we're building from trunk.
# Releases have the docs pre-made.
- print MAKE <<EOF if $product_version =~ /trunk_[0-9]+/;
+ print MAKE <<EOF;
.PHONY: docs/man/${name}.gz
docs/man/${name}.gz: docs/bb-man.xsl
(cd docs; \$(MAKE) $name)