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Refactor to allow non-bbstored store configurations.
Make some keys not required in BackupDaemonConfigVerify, and verify them afterwards instead, when the rest of the configuration file has been read (and in future, the store type would be known.)
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+# NOTE: Exception descriptions are for public distributions of Box Backup only -- do not rely for other applications.
+EXCEPTION Client 13
+Internal 0
+AssertFailed 1
+ClockWentBackwards 2 Invalid (negative) sync period: perhaps your clock is going backwards?
+FailedToDeleteStoreObjectInfoFile 3 Failed to delete the StoreObjectInfoFile, backup cannot continue safely.
+CorruptStoreObjectInfoFile 4 The store object info file contained an invalid value and is probably corrupt. Try deleting it.
+InvalidConfiguration 5 Some required values are missing or incorrect in the configuration file.