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authorChris Wilson <>2014-04-09 22:15:57 +0000
committerChris Wilson <>2014-04-09 22:15:57 +0000
commitdc4ba0969146c6c4a82b1dace6bd9b11b818bcc9 (patch)
treef29918fdcab9a801685ebe6a6a7b5446c9cc69ba /lib/backupstore/BackupStoreFileEncodeStream.h
parent06af9253bc5df053dbe2208cbc724853294020a3 (diff)
Poll command socket regularly during file uploads.
Makes the daemon responsive to polling and commands, even during a file upload operation.
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1 files changed, 7 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/lib/backupstore/BackupStoreFileEncodeStream.h b/lib/backupstore/BackupStoreFileEncodeStream.h
index a169e036..80bdff58 100644
--- a/lib/backupstore/BackupStoreFileEncodeStream.h
+++ b/lib/backupstore/BackupStoreFileEncodeStream.h
@@ -79,7 +79,8 @@ public:
const BackupStoreFilename &rStoreFilename,
int64_t *pModificationTime,
ReadLoggingStream::Logger* pLogger = NULL,
- RunStatusProvider* pRunStatusProvider = NULL);
+ RunStatusProvider* pRunStatusProvider = NULL,
+ BackgroundTask* pBackgroundTask = NULL);
virtual int Read(void *pBuffer, int NBytes, int Timeout);
virtual void Write(const void *pBuffer, int NBytes);
@@ -109,14 +110,18 @@ private:
CollectInBufferStream mData; // buffer for header and index entries
IOStream *mpLogging;
RunStatusProvider* mpRunStatusProvider;
+ BackgroundTask* mpBackgroundTask;
int mStatus;
bool mSendData; // true if there's file data to send (ie not a symlink)
int64_t mTotalBlocks; // Total number of blocks in the file
+ int64_t mBytesToUpload; // Total number of clear bytes to encode and upload
+ int64_t mBytesUploaded; // Total number of clear bytes already encoded
+ // excluding reused blocks already on the server.
int64_t mAbsoluteBlockNumber; // The absolute block number currently being output
// Instruction number
int64_t mInstructionNumber;
// All the below are within the current instruction
- int64_t mNumBlocks; // number of blocks. Last one will be a different size to the rest in most cases
+ int64_t mNumBlocks; // number of blocks. Last one will be a different size to the rest in most cases
int64_t mCurrentBlock;
int32_t mCurrentBlockEncodedSize;
int32_t mPositionInCurrentBlock; // for reading out