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Box Backup 0.09 with a few tweeks
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+# first entry is module name, next entries are dependencies or -l<libname> library includes
+# put !<platform-name>,<platform-name> after a module / library to exclude it from a particular platform
+# put !+<platform-name>,... to include it only on those platforms
+# -l libaries must be in the order they should appear on the command line.
+# Note that order is important on platforms which do not have shared libraries.
+# Generic support code and modules
+lib/crypto -lcrypto
+lib/server -lssl -lcrypto
+lib/compress -lz
+test/crypto lib/crypto
+test/compress lib/compress
+test/basicserver lib/server
+test/raidfile lib/raidfile
+# IF_DISTRIBUTION(boxbackup)
+# Backup system
+lib/backupclient lib/server lib/crypto lib/compress
+lib/backupstore lib/server lib/raidfile lib/backupclient
+bin/bbstored lib/raidfile lib/server lib/backupstore lib/backupclient
+bin/bbstoreaccounts lib/raidfile lib/backupstore
+bin/bbackupobjdump lib/backupclient lib/backupstore
+bin/bbackupd lib/server lib/backupclient -lLINUX_DB!+Linux
+bin/bbackupquery -lreadline!Darwin,NetBSD -ledit!+NetBSD -lcurses lib/server lib/backupclient
+bin/bbackupctl lib/server lib/backupclient
+test/backupstore bin/bbstored bin/bbstoreaccounts lib/server lib/backupstore lib/backupclient lib/raidfile
+test/backupstorefix bin/bbstored bin/bbstoreaccounts lib/backupstore lib/raidfile bin/bbackupquery bin/bbackupd
+test/backupstorepatch bin/bbstored bin/bbstoreaccounts lib/backupstore lib/raidfile
+test/backupdiff lib/backupclient
+test/bbackupd bin/bbackupd bin/bbstored bin/bbstoreaccounts bin/bbackupquery bin/bbackupctl lib/server lib/backupstore lib/backupclient