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Major refactoring to make lib/backupclient depend on lib/backupstore rather
than the other way around. This is needed to allow clients to have all the code that they'd need to implement local backups (using the Local protocol) in subsequent commits.
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@@ -25,8 +25,8 @@ test/basicserver lib/server
# Backup system
-lib/backupclient lib/server lib/crypto lib/compress
-lib/backupstore lib/server lib/raidfile lib/backupclient
+lib/backupstore lib/server lib/raidfile lib/crypto lib/compress
+lib/backupclient lib/backupstore
bin/bbackupobjdump lib/backupclient lib/backupstore
bin/bbstored lib/raidfile lib/server lib/backupstore lib/backupclient