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* infrastructure/
- Use the target platform's name, rather than the build platform, in the generated package file names (useful for cross-compiling) * lib/win32/emu.cpp - Don't log a warning when statting a file that doesn't exist, as bbackupquery does this to verify that the target does not exist before restoring * lib/backupclient/BackupClientFileAttributes.cpp - Fixed a missing endian conversion that was causing file timestamps to appear to be invalid, generating warnings about every file on the server, on Win32 * parcels.txt - Include a couple of DLL files in the package on MinGW, which are needed to run the compiled binaries * bin/bbackupquery/BackupQueries.cpp - Fixed usage text for the "get" command
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@@ -12,6 +12,11 @@ backup-client
script bin/bbackupd/win32/ReadMe.txt
script bin/bbackupd/win32/bbackupd.conf
+ ONLY:mingw32
+ script /bin/mgwz.dll
+ script /bin/mingwm10.dll