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Add help text on test failures, thanks to Stuart Hickinbottom.
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@@ -71,6 +71,26 @@ else
# report results
print "--------\n",join("\n",@results),"\n";
+if ($exit_code != 0)
+ print <<__E;
+One or more tests have failed. Please check the following common causes:
+* Check that no instances of bbstored or bbackupd are already running
+ on this machine.
+* Make sure there isn't a firewall blocking incoming or outgoing connections
+ on port 2201.
+* Check that there is sufficient space in the filesystem that the tests
+ are being run from (at least 1 GB free).
+* The backupdiff test fails if it takes too long, so it's sensitive to
+ the speed of the host and your connection to it.
+After checking all the above, if you still have problems please contact
+us on the mailing list, Thanks!
exit $exit_code;
sub runtest