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How to build Box Backup on Win32 using Cygwin and MinGW
-By Chris Wilson, 2007-05-26
+By Chris Wilson, 2009-03-31
(To read this document online with better formatting, browse to:
+Start by installing Cygwin on your Windows machine from [].
-Start by installing Cygwin on your Windows machine [].
Make sure to select the following packages during installation:
+* Devel/automake
+* Devel/autoconf
* Devel/gcc-mingw
* Devel/gcc-mingw-core
* Devel/gcc-mingw-g++
+* Devel/make
+* Devel/mingw-runtime
+* Lib/libxml2
+* Lib/libxslt
* Mingw/mingw-zlib
+* Perl/Perl
If you already have Cygwin installed, please re-run the installer and
ensure that those packages are installed.
-Download OpenSSL from
+Download OpenSSL from []
Open a Cygwin shell, and unpack OpenSSL:
@@ -42,12 +49,17 @@ Configure PCRE for MinGW compilation, and build and install it:
export CFLAGS="-mno-cygwin"
make winshared
- cp .libs/libpcre.a .libs/libpcreposix.a /usr/lib/mingw
+ cp .libs/libpcre.a .libs/libpcreposix.a /lib/mingw
cp pcreposix.h /usr/include/mingw
-Now unpack the Box Backup sources, enter the source directory,
-and configure like this:
+Now get the latest Box Backup sources
+ svn co trunk
+Enter the source directory and configure like this:
+ cd trunk
+Note: In case you have any problems during the configure or make stage, please try to eliminate one potential source of problems by running "find -type f -not \( -wholename .*svn*. \) -exec dos2unix {} \;" in the trunk directory to fix potential line break problems.