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- <manvolnum>1</manvolnum>
+ <manvolnum>8</manvolnum>
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<para><literal>bbackupctl</literal> lets the user control the bbackupd
daemon on a client machine. The main use is to force a sync with the store
- server. This is especially important if bbackupd(1) is configured to do
+ server. This is especially important if bbackupd(8) is configured to do
snapshot backups. In that case <literal>bbackupctl</literal> is the only
way to effect a backup.</para>
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socket. Some platforms (notably Windows) can't determine if the user
connecting on this socket has the correct credentials to execute the
commands, leaving a rather sizeable security hole open. To avoid this,
- unset the CommandSocket parameter in <literal>bbackupd.conf</literal>(8).
+ unset the CommandSocket parameter in <literal>bbackupd.conf</literal>(5).
That disables the command socket, so bbackupd is secure. This does,
however, render bbackupctl unusable.</para>
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<title>See Also</title>
- <para><literal>bbackupd.conf(8)</literal></para>
+ <para><literal>bbackupd.conf(5)</literal></para>
- <para>bbackupd(1)</para>
+ <para><literal>bbackupd(8)</literal></para>