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file, or crashing while trying to upload it. The logs will be
sent to the system log or Windows Event Viewer.</para>
+ <para>This generates a <emphasis>lot</emphasis>
+ of output, so it should only be used when instructed, or when
+ you suspect that bbackupd is skipping some files and want to
+ know why. Because it is verbose, the messages are hidden by
+ default even if the option is enabled. To see them, you must
+ run bbackupd with at least one -v option.</para>
<para>This is a boolean value, which may be set to
<quote>Yes</quote> or <quote>No</quote>. The default is of
course <quote>No</quote>.</para>
@@ -1971,4 +1978,4 @@ make</programlisting>
testing, and should not be relied on in a production environment.</para>
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