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+== Thu, 08 Sep 2005 13:13:58 +0900 ==
+Compressing options of ZLIB was changed. If you use villa with the option
+`VL_OZCOMP', databases of the earlier versions are not compatible with the
+current version of QDBM. To convert the old database to new format,
+export endian independent data by "vlmgr exportdb" with the old version,
+and then import it by "vlmgr importdb" with the latest version.
+== Wed, 10 Mar 2004 23:24:24 +0900 ==
+API of B+ tree was changed a bit. Even if you build QDBM with ZLIB
+enabled, records are not compressed. Instead of it, the function `vlopen'
+has the option `VL_OZCOMP'. If it is specified, records are compressed.
+So, you can switch whether to compress records or not, on runtime.
+Users who have used ZLIB feature should modify their source codes to
+specify that option.
+== Wed, 10 Dec 2003 09:24:12 +0900 ==
+The database format was changed with QDBM 1.7.13. Newer versions do not
+have backward compatibility to old format. You can convert old databases
+with the command `fmtcnv031127' in the sub directory `lab'. To build it,
+perform the following steps.
+ cd lab
+ make fmtcnv031127
+About usage of it, see the file `README' in `lab'. Typically, to convert
+a Depot database named as `old' and create a database named as `new',
+perform the following step.
+ ./fmtcnv031127 < old > new
+I'm sorry for bothering you.
+== END OF FILE ==