Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
| * No need to print syslog() messages any more, now that we have a loggingChris Wilson2007-09-07
| * Don't initialise MemLeakFinder twice when running as a service.Chris Wilson2007-09-07
| * Fix comments. (merges [1812])Chris Wilson2007-09-07
| * Win32 compile fix (logging framework abuse). (merges [1810])Chris Wilson2007-09-07
| * Document and enable KeepAliveTime option by default.Chris Wilson2007-09-07
| * Format account number properly (8 hex digits).Chris Wilson2007-09-01
| * Fix error message when failing to create remote directory for location.Chris Wilson2007-09-01
| * Call the notify script whenever backup starts or finishes, but theChris Wilson2007-09-01
| * Use sigset() instead of signal() to ensure that SysV systems (like Solaris)Chris Wilson2007-09-01
| * Use ProgressNotifier to report upload exceptions (merges last part of [1342])Chris Wilson2007-09-01
| * Log more detailed errors when the server returns an error while uploadingChris Wilson2007-09-01
| * Update the comments in the generated configuration file to better describeChris Wilson2007-08-31
| * Fix $bsd_make to not be defined on GNU/kFreeBSD, which uses GNU Make.Chris Wilson2007-08-30
| * Fix quiet-build makefiles to work on BSDsChris Wilson2007-08-28
| * Fix documentation comments on ExcludeDir/AlwaysInclude.Chris Wilson2007-08-05
| * Convert most printf() and fprintf() calls to use logging frameworkChris Wilson2007-08-02
| * Undo removal of syslog() header, still needed in this file.Chris Wilson2007-08-02
| * Quiet make by default (make V=1 to override) (refs #3)Chris Wilson2007-07-31
| * Replace almost all calls to syslog() with logging framework. (refs #3)Chris Wilson2007-07-31
| * Remove compare again. (refs #3, merges [1651])Chris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Reinsert dependency of test/backupstorefix on bin/bbackupctl (refs #3,Chris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Build server parcel on Windows too, since some people want it.Chris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Make Configuration take a std::string filename instead of a char array,Chris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Make Configuration take a std::string filename instead of a char array,Chris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Make RaidFileController::Initialise take a std::string instead of aChris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Fix regex tests for HAVE_REGEX_SUPPORT. (refs #3, merges [1682])Chris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Fix to match static lib installation instructions. (refs #3, merges [1681])Chris Wilson2007-07-26
| * More updates to docs. (refs #3, merges [1680])Chris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Work around the fact that we may have regex support without havingChris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Disable some warnings under MSVC to reduce build noise, thanks Gary!Chris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Make ClientException autogen files in the correct directory, thanks Gary!Chris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Update Visual Studio project files to match new files added, thanks Gary!Chris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Fixed object use after delete, thanks Gary! (refs #3, merges [1673])Chris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Fixed object store read/write, fixes #18 properly, thanks Gary!Chris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Undo bad merge of [1658] and [1669] (refs #3, merges [1671])Chris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Update copyright to 2007. (refs #3, merges [1670])Chris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Apply remaining parts of Gary's patch, missing from [1658], thanks GaryChris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Define DEBUG_NEW in the same file whether or not BOX_MEMORY_LEAK_TESTINGChris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Make autogen_ClientException, thanks Gary. (refs #3, merges [1667])Chris Wilson2007-07-26
| * MSVC compile fix, thanks Gary. (refs #3, merges [1666])Chris Wilson2007-07-26
| * We now have pcreposix.h instead of regex.h, at least if you follow theChris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Don't #include sys/time.h unless our platform has it, thanks Gary.Chris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Fix unit tests now that bbackupd honours the hard limit and not theChris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Fix restoring to top-level directories (e.g. c:\test) (refs #3,Chris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Experimental fix for restore problem reported by Mikael Syska:Chris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Apply Gary's patch from ticket #19 to respect the server's hard limitChris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Apply Gary's patch to save the list of unused root directory entriesChris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Fix license (acknowledgement must include the contributors).Chris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Delete Nick's old outdated ReadMe.txt. (refs #3, merges [1656])Chris Wilson2007-07-26
| * Include LICENSE.txt in client parcels.Chris Wilson2007-07-26