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* Simplify code for killing old fart processes on Windows/CygwinChris Wilson2008-12-05
| | | | | | and make it actually work at the end of the test. man kill for why we use /bin/kill instead of just kill on cygwin.
* Catch exceptions from BackupClientFileAttributes::ReadAttributesChris Wilson2008-12-05
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | during backup, and report which file caused them. If we cannot read the attributes of a directory to find its inode number, assume that it hasn't been renamed. Reformat "Storing uploaded file ID" log line to shorten source code lines. Change "Storing uploaded file ID" and "Found conflicting parent ID" messages not to print the path, which duplicates data earlier in the same message. Fix typo in comment.
* Add BOX_LOG_NATIVE_ERROR and BOX_LOG_NATIVE_WARNING macros, which callChris Wilson2008-12-05
| | | | | | | | | BOX_LOG_SYS_* or BOX_LOG_WIN_* depending on platform, as this is a common reason for #ifdefs elsewhere in the code. Add BOX_LOG_SOCKET_ERROR macro to log socket errors with the type, name and port of the socket that suffered the error.
* Allow exceptions to contain a message string.Chris Wilson2008-12-05
* Reformat ASSERT macro for readability.Chris Wilson2008-12-05
| | | | | | | | Reformat THROW_EXCEPTION macro to avoid overlong lines. Add THROW_EXCEPTION_MESSAGE macro to allow throwing an exception with a message, such as the file name that caused the exception.
* Grammar fix in SSL error message when SSL library initialisation fails.Chris Wilson2008-12-05
* Reduce severity of some log messages about notifying systemChris Wilson2008-12-01
| | | | | administrator. It's not an error to have no NotifyScript.
* Fix the use of an unreasonably short type as the temporary storageChris Wilson2008-12-01
| | | | | | | | for inode numbers on Windows, resulting in all inode numbers being coerced into 2^16 space and many duplicates on systems with large numbers of files being backed up, possibly resulting in store corruption due to unwanted file rename operations.
* Fix missing parentheses on stored file ID messages.Chris Wilson2008-12-01
* Add support for using the logging framework to log (most) bbackupqueryChris Wilson2008-11-30
| | | | | output to a file, with its own verbosity level.
* Fix support for O_APPEND on files opened with openfile() on Windows.Chris Wilson2008-11-30
* Compile fix and log the error number recorded by winerrno, notChris Wilson2008-11-30
| | | | | the "last" error, whatever that was.
* Log the Windows error code if openfile() fails on Windows, asChris Wilson2008-11-30
| | | | | | the default strerror() seems borked and reports EBUSY (file in use) as"Resource device".
* openfile() stores its Windows error code (from GetLastError() orChris Wilson2008-11-30
| | | | | synthetic) in winerrno, to enable better error handling outside.
* Cygwin/MinGW getopt no longer seems to have optreset, so now would beChris Wilson2008-11-30
| | | | | the time to start using that implementation we stole from BSD.
* Fix docs Makefile on non-BSD systems.James O'Gorman2008-11-24
* Fix permissions on restored files after test, so that test buildChris Wilson2008-11-24
| | | | | system stops complaining that it can't delete them.
* Hook the man pages into the build/install system. Man pages are now included ↵James O'Gorman2008-11-23
| | | | in the client and server parcels and installed to $prefix/man.
* * Add OS X plists to the distributionJames O'Gorman2008-11-23
| | | | | | * Revert the docs Makefile after distribution generation (certain parts are commented out for the distribution) * Reorder generated files in so that files are not unnecessarily created executable
* Install plist files for OS XJames O'Gorman2008-11-22
* Allow use of literal paths in parcels.txt (i.e. files to be installed ↵James O'Gorman2008-11-22
| | | | outside of $prefix)
* Autoconfify the OS X plist filesJames O'Gorman2008-11-22
* Fix typo in variable name.Chris Wilson2008-11-15
* Fix NotifyScript syntax error reported by Roy.Chris Wilson2008-11-11
| | | | | Ignore "backup-ok" messages in NotifyScript by default.
* Additional debugging for value format error reported by Scott McNee.Chris Wilson2008-11-11
* Add the WebManagementInterface to contribs.Chris Wilson2008-11-08
* Create directory for admin web interface. See WebManagementInterface.Chris Wilson2008-11-08
* Update distribution manifest to include the DocBook XML sources, as ↵James O'Gorman2008-11-02
| | | | requested by Reinhard Tartler.
* Fix test for slight change to logging format.Chris Wilson2008-10-29
* Use the same ostringstream formatting for protocol logging to fileChris Wilson2008-10-29
| | | | | | that we use for standard logging, to fix 64bit platform warnings reported by Matt Brown.
* Revert incorrectly committed file.Chris Wilson2008-10-29
* Use the same ostringstream formatting for protocol logging to fileChris Wilson2008-10-29
| | | | | | that we use for standard logging, to fix 64bit platform warnings reported by Matt Brown.
* Update distribution generator.James O'Gorman2008-10-27
* Use $PERL instead of perl in configure.acJames O'Gorman2008-10-27
* Silence warnings from openbsd gcc by using strncpy instead of strcpy.Chris Wilson2008-10-26
* Reverse the test for __syscall(), remove the test for syscall(),Chris Wilson2008-10-26
| | | | | | | | | | | | | remove the definition and reverse the sense in ax_func_syscall.m4 (which checks for __syscall() needing definition). Autoconf's AC_CHECK_FUNC defines it when testing for its presence, so HAVE___SYSCALL will be true even if __syscall has no definition in the system libraries, and this is precisely the case that we want to test for, so now we test whether the test program compiles with no explicit definition (only the system headers) and if that fails, we set HAVE___SYSCALL_NEED_DEFN to 1.
* Don't include docs/ in the cleanup search.James O'Gorman2008-10-26
* Ignore generated Windows installer file.James O'Gorman2008-10-26
* * Create man pages in man/ instead of man-pages/ (slightly more standard ↵James O'Gorman2008-10-26
| | | | | | | | | location) * Fix a bug in the creation of the HTML man pages dir * Make the output quieter (don't display commands when making)
* Check whether HAVE_UCRED_H is defined, not whether its value is 1.Chris Wilson2008-10-24
* Add missing #include <errno.h>, needed by FreeBSD and Solaris at least.Chris Wilson2008-10-24
* Report the filename that failed when various file attribute syscallsChris Wilson2008-10-21
| | | | | | | fail, for example setting, listing or reading extended attributes, or creating or changing the owner of a symlink. Thanks to Torsten for noticing that the filename was not reported in these cases.
* Remove unused and wrong default path for accounts database.Chris Wilson2008-10-18
* Create destination directory before installing into it, as requestedChris Wilson2008-10-18
| | | | | by David Kaufman for Gentoo.
* Fix compile errors on Debian Lenny, reported by Torsten.Chris Wilson2008-10-17
* Fix warning about converting string constant to char * on debian lenny.Chris Wilson2008-10-17
* Update bbackupquery man page for new -m option for the usage command.James O'Gorman2008-10-17
* Add -m option to bbackupquery usage command for machine-readable output.Chris Wilson2008-10-16
* - fix issue with log format change, but stay backwards compatible.Kenny Millington2008-10-13
* Ensure that _FILE_OFFSET_BITS is defined before testing its value.Chris Wilson2008-10-11
| | | | | | Move definition of DEFINE_ONLY_OPEN64 into intercept.cpp which is the only place that should use it.