Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Fix intercept of SYS_open on platforms that only have SYS_openat (e.g. arm64)Chris Wilson2017-06-22
* Use AX_CHECK_COMPILE_FLAG, add more checksChris Wilson2017-06-22
* Stop Git from normalising line endingsChris Wilson2017-06-22
* Relax timings on test_changing_client_store_marker_pauses_daemonChris Wilson2017-06-18
* Hopefully fix test/raidfile on Solaris.Chris Wilson2017-06-18
* Fix build on SmartOS by switching back to GNU MakeChris Wilson2017-06-18
* Install executables in test tree after building, not during "make install"Chris Wilson2017-06-18
* Add Boost to Travis build environment, and OSX buildsChris Wilson2017-06-18
* Update versions of dependencies for Windows unibuild, add BoostChris Wilson2017-06-18
* Tell Git to ignore some more generated filesChris Wilson2017-05-15
* Tell Git to treat .cpp files as text too.Chris Wilson2017-05-15
* Normalize all the line endingsChris Wilson2017-05-15
* Fix installation of scripts into parcel directory.Chris Wilson2016-11-03
* Merge rewritten build system.Chris Wilson2016-10-01
| * Fix line endings of .vcxproj.user files to CRLF always.Chris Wilson2016-09-29
| * Merge ssh:// into cmake_mergeChris Wilson2016-09-29
| |\
| | * Extend timeout in test/basicserver for slow machines.Chris Wilson2016-09-29
| * | Detect whether -Werror=return-type is supported by compiler.Chris Wilson2016-09-20
| |/
| * Lock account before modifying in backupstorefix.Chris Wilson2016-09-19
| * Reduce test timeout for testbackupstorefix.Chris Wilson2016-09-19
| * Remove unused #includes.Chris Wilson2016-09-19
| * Remove deletion of random files in testbackupstorefix.Chris Wilson2016-09-16
| * Speed up testbackupstorepatch on Windows.Chris Wilson2016-09-16
| * Improve error messages in test httpserver perl client script.Chris Wilson2016-09-16
| * Use IPv4 localhost address to access test httpserver.Chris Wilson2016-09-16
| * Simplify AddEventSource usage, avoid strdup().Chris Wilson2016-09-11
| * Fix infinite loop in RateLimitingStream::Write().Chris Wilson2016-09-11
| * Throw exception with message, instead of logging then throwing.Chris Wilson2016-09-11
| * Remove unused member variable.Chris Wilson2016-09-11
| * Remove old hard-coded MSVC and MinGW configs.Chris Wilson2016-09-10
| * Configure line-ending behaviour for Git.Chris Wilson2016-09-10
| * Ignore some more files generated by CMake builds.Chris Wilson2016-09-10
| * Set test timeouts for CMake tests.Chris Wilson2016-09-10
| * Optimisation: for CMake builds, replace generated files only if changed.Chris Wilson2016-09-10
| * Replace most of Appveyor Windows build script with a CMakefile.Chris Wilson2016-09-09
| * Add clean and realclean targets to each module's mini Makefile.Chris Wilson2016-09-09
| * Fix Unix compilation using CMake.Chris Wilson2016-09-09
| * Break dependency on Cygwin commands in Windows tests.Chris Wilson2016-09-03
| * Update platform feature detection to work with CMake.Chris Wilson2016-09-03
| * Skip building the parts of QDBM that we don't need with CMake.Chris Wilson2016-08-28
| * Use builtin TO_NATIVE_PATH in CMake instead of rolling our own.Chris Wilson2016-08-28
| * Use ccache if available in CMake builds.Chris Wilson2016-08-28
| * Get AppVeyor to build the INSTALL target.Chris Wilson2016-08-28
| * Update test runner to support CMake better.Chris Wilson2016-08-28
| * Fix case of filenames of "text" files used to generate protocols and docs.Chris Wilson2016-08-28
| * Add MSVC user settings files to version control.Chris Wilson2016-08-28
| * Standardise dependent library location for CMake.Chris Wilson2016-08-28
| * Merge and, write monolithic Makefiles.Chris Wilson2016-08-28
| * Appveyor: don't list directories that may not exist during build.Chris Wilson2016-08-28
| * Replace Travis build instructions with a script.Chris Wilson2016-08-28