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* Report more useful error messages on connect() failure on Windows. Chris Wilson2007-10-17
* Compile fix. (merges [1850])Chris Wilson2007-10-17
* Refactor out command-line option processing, so that it can be extendedChris Wilson2007-10-17
* Fix compilation on MinGW. Not yet actually used on MinGW due to theChris Wilson2007-10-17
* Undo bad changes (not all exclude options take a regex). (merges [1847])Chris Wilson2007-10-17
* Add James O'Gorman's NotifySysAdmin.vbs script to client parcel on Chris Wilson2007-10-17
* Windows notify script logs an error in the System Event Log if sending Chris Wilson2007-10-17
* Added function to set the named pipe name, for use by any test which Chris Wilson2007-10-17
* Remove default pipe name to prevent applications from using it. (merges Chris Wilson2007-10-17
* Don't disable logging on Win32 console. (merges [1834])Chris Wilson2007-10-17
* Prepend the system-required prefix to the named pipe name from theChris Wilson2007-10-17
* Pass the command socket name from the configuration to Chris Wilson2007-10-17
* Don't initialise the command socket thread (on Win32) until theChris Wilson2007-10-17
* Add script to notify sysadmin by email on backup failure on Win32, Chris Wilson2007-10-17
* Update to match improved comments generated by bbackupd-config in recentChris Wilson2007-10-17
* Don't abort if one of the location paths doesn't exist, just print a Chris Wilson2007-10-17
* Document the need for -v options when using LogAllFileAccess.Chris Wilson2007-10-16
* Fix double backslashesChris Wilson2007-10-08
* Revert to decimal properly, and also after logging an Object ID.Chris Wilson2007-10-08
* Fix wrong comments, thanks to Nestor Arocha Rodriguez.Chris Wilson2007-10-08
* Test that redundant locations are really deleted after the time expires.Chris Wilson2007-10-08
* Die if infrastructure/ or infrastructure/ failsChris Wilson2007-10-08
* Log the name of missing configuration keys before throwing exception.Chris Wilson2007-10-08
* Revert from hex to decimal default format after logging an account number.Chris Wilson2007-10-08
* Allow configuration of the time to delete redundant store locations.Chris Wilson2007-10-08
* Fix crash when notifyscript is called for BackupStart or BackupFinish.Chris Wilson2007-10-08
* Set the locale from the environment, so that international charactersChris Wilson2007-09-23
* Compile fix.Chris Wilson2007-09-23
* Undo bad changes (not all exclude options take a regex).Chris Wilson2007-09-21
* Fix regular expression syntax in examples, thanks Roy!Chris Wilson2007-09-21
* Added Debian initscripts, thanks to James Stark.Chris Wilson2007-09-19
* Replace trunk with chris/merge.Chris Wilson2007-09-19
| * Don't include the install-backup-client script in Windows builds, as it'sChris Wilson2007-09-19
| * Fix compiler warning. (merges [1820], [1821])Chris Wilson2007-09-07
| * No need to print syslog() messages any more, now that we have a loggingChris Wilson2007-09-07
| * Don't initialise MemLeakFinder twice when running as a service.Chris Wilson2007-09-07
| * Fix comments. (merges [1812])Chris Wilson2007-09-07
| * Win32 compile fix (logging framework abuse). (merges [1810])Chris Wilson2007-09-07
| * Document and enable KeepAliveTime option by default.Chris Wilson2007-09-07
| * Format account number properly (8 hex digits).Chris Wilson2007-09-01
| * Fix error message when failing to create remote directory for location.Chris Wilson2007-09-01
| * Call the notify script whenever backup starts or finishes, but theChris Wilson2007-09-01
| * Use sigset() instead of signal() to ensure that SysV systems (like Solaris)Chris Wilson2007-09-01
| * Use ProgressNotifier to report upload exceptions (merges last part of [1342])Chris Wilson2007-09-01
| * Log more detailed errors when the server returns an error while uploadingChris Wilson2007-09-01
| * Update the comments in the generated configuration file to better describeChris Wilson2007-08-31
| * Fix $bsd_make to not be defined on GNU/kFreeBSD, which uses GNU Make.Chris Wilson2007-08-30
| * Fix quiet-build makefiles to work on BSDsChris Wilson2007-08-28
| * Fix documentation comments on ExcludeDir/AlwaysInclude.Chris Wilson2007-08-05
| * Convert most printf() and fprintf() calls to use logging frameworkChris Wilson2007-08-02