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* Try building PCRE as well as boxbackup solution file.Chris Wilson2015-12-01
* cmake requires some kind of command-line argument.Chris Wilson2015-12-01
* Create PCRE build files in the PCRE directory.Chris Wilson2015-11-30
* Another attempt to reduce verbosity of NMake.Chris Wilson2015-11-30
* Change to the right directory to run win32.bat from.Chris Wilson2015-11-29
* Generate exception files for Win32 build.Chris Wilson2015-11-29
* Try using x86 build environment instead of x64.Chris Wilson2015-11-29
* Fix cd path.Chris Wilson2015-11-29
* Try Win32 as the platform instead of x86 and x64.Chris Wilson2015-11-29
* Quiet openssl nmake output.Chris Wilson2015-11-29
* Download and build PCRE with CMake.Chris Wilson2015-11-29
* Change back to the directory where the boxbackup checkout is.Chris Wilson2015-11-29
* Try setting up VS developer tools path, to make NMAKE accessible.Chris Wilson2015-11-29
* We need to extract the .tar file within the .tar.gz in a separate step.Chris Wilson2015-11-29
* Let's try a different way of escaping.Chris Wilson2015-11-29
* We don't actually need Subversion any more, and it won't install.Chris Wilson2015-11-29
* Try quoting the command.Chris Wilson2015-11-29
* Try Feodor Fitsner's suggestion for making HTTPS downloads work.Chris Wilson2015-11-29
* Fix chocolatey install commands.Chris Wilson2015-11-28
* Use Start-FileDownload instead of Net.WebClient.Chris Wilson2015-11-28
* Fix environment sectionChris Wilson2015-11-28
* First attempt at an Appveyor build configuration for MSVC.Chris Wilson2015-11-28