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* Remove the obsolete win32 InstallShield installer script.Chris Wilson2010-02-15
* Fix NotifyScript syntax error reported by Roy.Chris Wilson2008-11-11
* s/(bbdev.)? O'Gorman2008-09-16
* Add handling of backup-error events to NotifySysAdmin.vbs.Chris Wilson2008-08-11
* Re-merge the good bits of [1873] with James' suggested improvements.Chris Wilson2007-10-20
* Undo bad changes (not all exclude options take a regex). (merges [1847])Chris Wilson2007-10-17
* Windows notify script logs an error in the System Event Log if sending Chris Wilson2007-10-17
* Add script to notify sysadmin by email on backup failure on Win32, Chris Wilson2007-10-17
* Update to match improved comments generated by bbackupd-config in recentChris Wilson2007-10-17
* Delete Nick's old outdated ReadMe.txt. (refs #3, merges [1656])Chris Wilson2007-07-26
* Marged chris/win32/merge/07-win32-fixes at r210 to trunkMartin Ebourne2005-12-12