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* New upstream version 0.13~~git20220405.g7703ac8Ileana Dumitrescu2022-04-07
* New upstream version 0.13~~git20190527.g039c4a1Reinhard Tartler2019-05-28
* Move reusable code out of bin directories.Chris Wilson2015-12-13
| | | | | Allows tests to depend on lib/bbackupd instead of bin/bbackupd, which was always a hack, and really doesn't work with CMake.
* Remove all timing dependency from test_ssl_keepalives().Chris Wilson2015-09-20
| | | | | | | | This test has always been fragile, and usually fails on Travis for reasons unknown, so replace the log parsing and intercepts with simple mocking code. This doesn't cover 100% of what the old test did, including diff timer aborts and the number of blocks used by the uploaded files, but it should be completely robust.
* Fix error message corruption in BackupDaemon.Chris Wilson2015-08-06
| | | | Was due to accessing the exception's string after it had gone out of scope.
* We do still need to #include autogen_ClientException.hChris Wilson2015-07-31
* Move InvalidConfiguration exception to CommonException.Chris Wilson2015-07-31
| | | | Allows it to be used by S3Store, or in fact anything that uses Configuration.
* Add AccountNumber to list of config keys checked at runtime.Chris Wilson2015-07-31
| | | | S3Stores don't have account numbers.
* Refactor to allow non-bbstored store configurations.Chris Wilson2015-06-28
| | | | | | Make some keys not required in BackupDaemonConfigVerify, and verify them afterwards instead, when the rest of the configuration file has been read (and in future, the store type would be known.)
* Switch inode database to storing values using Archive.Chris Wilson2015-06-10
| | | | | This allows us to store the local path to the tracked file in the database, and will allow us to extend the storage format again in future if needed.
* Whitespace and semicolon-after-macro fixes.Chris Wilson2015-04-06
* Fix missing snapshot path on subsequent locations.Chris Wilson2015-02-01
| | | | | | | | | Thanks to Kai Liebenau for finding and fixing this bug. Also use VssFreeSnapshotProperties instead of rolling our own, also thanks to Kai. This has not been compile tested on Windows.
* Suppress multiple links warnings for now.Chris Wilson2015-02-01
* Add rudimentary support for Windows mutexes.Chris Wilson2015-01-02
| | | | Thanks to Achim for the patch!
* Improve internal debug loggingChris Wilson2015-01-02
* Improve debugging of named pipe operations and bbackupctl pipe interaction.Chris Wilson2014-12-28
* Add missing timeouts on command socket writes.Chris Wilson2014-12-28
* Fix warning about BackupClientDirectoryRecord having a non-virtual destructor.Chris Wilson2014-12-26
* Fix more compile errors on MinGWChris Wilson2014-12-26
* Don't add files to lists until we're sure that we'll back them up.Chris Wilson2014-12-24
* Whitespace and wrapping fixesChris Wilson2014-12-24
* Allow excluding files of unknown type using either ExcludeFile or ExcludeDir.Chris Wilson2014-12-24
* Fix compile error on Windows caused by refactoring out SyncDirectoryEntry.Chris Wilson2014-12-24
| | | | | | | | | Thanks to Kai Liebenau for spotting it and submitting patches. I don't see any need to actually collect link_st (using lstat) any more, because if the location root is a symlink then we should just backup everything inside its destination without question, and if it's not, comparing stat(parent) and stat(child) will detect the difference, so no need to use lstat(parent) instead.
* Replace sprintf() with snprintf(), fixes compile warnings on OpenBSD.Chris Wilson2014-12-22
| | | | | And compile errors on recent MinGW.
* Log start time of next backup when waiting with millisecond precision.Chris Wilson2014-12-21
| | | | | | | | Helps to debug tests that depend on subsecond timing. Log time to wait on command socket in fractional seconds instead of raw box_time_t.
* Don't stop waiitng until the deadline has actually expired.Chris Wilson2014-12-12
* Fix an unnecessary pass through backup loop when time for next backup arrives.Chris Wilson2014-12-10
* Refactor SyncDirectory to reduce indentation and method length.Chris Wilson2014-12-10
| | | | | Move most of the code for handling individual directory entries into a separate method, SyncDirectoryEntry.
* Fix class member initialisation order to silence warnings.Chris Wilson2014-12-10
* Reformat long lines for readability, fix whitespace errors.Chris Wilson2014-12-10
* Log a consistent error message about every read failure, for debugging.Chris Wilson2014-12-10
* Whitespace and comment formatting fixes.Chris Wilson2014-12-10
* Allow users to configure the delay before retry on backup errors.Chris Wilson2014-12-03
* Fix compile errors introduced by previous commit.Chris Wilson2014-11-23
| | | | | | Add a LogFileOverwrite option to allow configuring whether LogFile is overwritten or appended to. Overwriting happens at startup, and the start of each backup in bbackupd (via ResetLogFile()).
* Add option to truncate log file at start of every backup.Chris Wilson2014-11-16
| | | | Prevents backup log files from becoming too large.
* Whitespace fixesChris Wilson2014-09-18
* Improve exception message if a Daemon is used without being configured firstChris Wilson2014-09-18
* Add the new object ID to NotifyFileUploaded messages.Chris Wilson2014-09-04
* Allow changing exclude lists when reconfiguring BackupDaemon.Chris Wilson2014-09-04
| | | | | Some tests need to do this. I don't think it happens in normal use, because the daemon's response to HUP takes a different path, I think.
* Add EstimatedBytesToUpload to NotifyFileUploadingPatch.Chris Wilson2014-09-04
| | | | Merged back changes from the test refactor branch to reduce diffs.
* Allow access to BackupDaemon's BackupClientContext for tests.Chris Wilson2014-09-04
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | The std::auto_ptr is now returned unclosed. If the caller of RunSyncNow() does nothing with the return value, then it will be released, closing the connection. However the caller can save the std::auto_ptr locally and poke around in it if necessary. This interface is designed for tests only! Merged back changes from the test refactor branch to reduce diffs. Fix failure to record client store marker, after BackupClientContext refactor. This caused the daemon not to abort safely if the CSM changed under our feet, meaning that our cached data is invalid. Fix for earlier patch to allow tests to access the BackupClientContext after backup completes, because a new CSM wasn't generated in time for bbackupd to record it, because the connection wasn't closed yet.
* Changed many uses of BackupProtocolClient to BackupProtocolCallable.Chris Wilson2014-09-04
| | | | | | Makes way for more use of local protocol objects and protocol subclasses. Merged back changes from the test refactor branch to reduce diffs.
* Backport Timers::Cleanup that's safe to use in test cleanup.Chris Wilson2014-09-04
| | | | | | | | | | Allows it not to throw an exception if timers weren't initialised when cleanup was requested. Normally we want an exception thrown, but not while we're cleaning up a test that might have failed with timers uninitialised. More timers fixes after cleanup no-exception option. Merged back changes from the test refactor branch to reduce diffs.
* Simplify code with macros, update comments and fix whitespace.Chris Wilson2014-09-04
| | | | | | Hopefully all of these changes are inconsequential. Merged back changes from the test refactor branch to reduce diffs.
* Fix timing issue with bbackupd test for recovery after error.Chris Wilson2014-08-24
| | | | | | | For some reason the timing changed and the test was no longer waiting for the same length of time as bbackupd, causing it to fail. Merged back changes from the test refactor branch to reduce diffs.
* Improve StoreObjectInfoFile messages.Chris Wilson2014-08-15
| | | | Avoid reporting an error if the file is missing or empty.
* Fix deadlock waiting for read or write on closed connection.Chris Wilson2014-08-15
| | | | | | | | If the system is suspended then it may not realise that a TCP connection has been closed, while waiting for data to arrive on it. We didn't used to apply a timeout to this read operation. Now we use the connection's default timeout on all read and write operations. Network operations that don't pass a timeout will be logged with a backtrace, so that they can be fixed.
* Fix crash when there's no background task to execute.Chris Wilson2014-08-15
* Use std::auto_ptrs instead of bare pointers for exclude lists.Chris Wilson2014-08-15
| | | | | Allows us to remove code to handle cleanups after exceptions and on Location destruction.
* Replace switch statement of protocol errors with ↵Chris Wilson2014-08-15
| | | | | | | | BackupProtocolError::GetMessage(). Conflicts: bin/bbackupd/BackupDaemon.h