path: root/bin/bbackupquery/BackupQueries.h
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* Poll command socket regularly during file uploads.Chris Wilson2014-04-09
* Show more details when bbackupquery command parsing failsChris Wilson2014-02-07
* Fix failure to list files properly when not using a console on Win32Chris Wilson2012-11-27
* bbackupquery readline improvements, thanks to Paolo Tosco:Chris Wilson2012-05-26
* Change BackupQueries List() to use C++ streams for output.Chris Wilson2012-04-28
* Add missing typedef to allow use of ReturnCode enum.Chris Wilson2012-01-22
* Separate the readline-specific stuff into CommandCompletion.cpp so thatChris Wilson2011-01-21
* Move code for comparing file data out of line for readability.Chris Wilson2011-01-16
* Implement basic readline/editline completion of remote file and directoryChris Wilson2010-09-29
* Fix Windows compile errors.Chris Wilson2010-07-06
* Initial support for command and local file completion with readline.Chris Wilson2010-06-06
* First attempt at tab completion for readline/libedit in bbackupquery, Chris Wilson2010-02-25
* Compare API for notification on starting to compare a file or directory.Chris Wilson2009-01-03
* Compare interface tweaks to reduce the number of methods.Chris Wilson2008-12-31
* Separate out compare parameters and notification from Chris Wilson2008-12-30
* Add -m option to bbackupquery usage command for machine-readable output.Chris Wilson2008-10-16
* Allow undelete command to work on files as well as directories.Chris Wilson2008-09-13
* Make BackupQueries::CompareParams public so that Boxi can use it.Chris Wilson2008-08-21
* Use symbolic names instead of #defines for return codes.Chris Wilson2008-05-28
* Add a quiet mode to compare command, to make test output easier to read.Chris Wilson2007-03-24
* Report number of files and directories which could not be compared Chris Wilson2007-03-08
* Add an option to ignore attribute differences on compare. (refs #3)Chris Wilson2006-10-15
* Convert command-line arguments from the system locale/character set toChris Wilson2006-10-15
* * bin/bbackupquery/BackupQueries.hChris Wilson2006-08-30
* * mergeChris Wilson2006-07-27
* Fixing up svn:executable properties.Martin Ebourne2005-12-12
* Box Backup 0.09 with a few tweeksBen Summers2005-10-14