path: root/bin/bbstored/BackupStoreDaemon.cpp
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* Use logging tagger to identify clients during connections, bothChris Wilson2008-09-13
* Make statistics back into a NOTICE level log again, as they're pretty Chris Wilson2008-08-22
* Run housekeeping synchronously on all platforms if daemon is run in Chris Wilson2008-08-21
* Rename BackupContext to BackupStoreContext.Chris Wilson2008-08-07
* Add "-h" and "/?" options to display usage in Daemon.Chris Wilson2007-10-17
* Replace almost all calls to syslog() with logging framework. (refs #3)Chris Wilson2007-07-31
* Make Configuration take a std::string filename instead of a char array,Chris Wilson2007-07-26
* Remove newlines from syslog() messages. (refs #3, merges [1447])Chris Wilson2007-03-24
* Run housekeeping in idle time on Win32 (refs #3)Chris Wilson2007-03-08
* Catch any exceptions while handling a connection and report to user Chris Wilson2006-11-26
* Don't try to write to the interprocess socket if it's not open (refs #3)Chris Wilson2006-11-13
* Properly revert [1096] (refs #3)Chris Wilson2006-11-13
* Revert [1096] as it causes infinite loops if the listening socket Chris Wilson2006-11-13
* Compile fixChris Wilson2006-11-06
* Catch exceptions from BackupStoreDaemon::Run and log them without killingChris Wilson2006-10-18
* Reinstate #ifdefs on Win32. (refs #3)Chris Wilson2006-10-18
* * bin/bbstored/BackupStoreDaemon.cppChris Wilson2006-08-30
* * bin/bbstored/BackupStoreDaemon.cppChris Wilson2006-08-30
* * bin/bbstored/BackupStoreDaemon.cppChris Wilson2006-08-30
* * mergeChris Wilson2006-07-27
* Bandwidth usage logging patch from Pascal Lalonde <>, w...Ben Summers2006-02-13
* Fixing up svn:executable properties.Martin Ebourne2005-12-12
* Box Backup 0.09 with a few tweeksBen Summers2005-10-14