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* Mac OS X launchd files for bbackupd and bbstored.Per Reedtz Thomsen2008-06-27
* Correct locations for PID files in SuSE initscriptChris Wilson2008-06-15
* Refactor and fix Debian init scripts.Chris Wilson2008-06-15
* Fix default locations of PID files.Chris Wilson2008-06-15
* Fix paths to bbreporter filesMartin Ebourne2008-05-29
* Add bbreporter to server RPM spec file and distribution manifest.Chris Wilson2008-04-09
* Fix issue reported by MB of showing the same files in the report that were al...Kenny Millington2008-04-09
* Update to newer version (oops!) and add GPLv3 LICENSE file.Kenny Millington2008-04-07
* First commit of bbreporter.pyKenny Millington2008-04-07
* * Move all commands from bin to sbin on Unix platformsJames O'Gorman2008-02-27
* Update contributed scripts to use autoconf substitution for theChris Wilson2008-01-29
* Change the location of contrib files out of distribution/boxbackup.Chris Wilson2008-01-29
* Move distribution/boxbackup/contrib to the root directory of the project,Chris Wilson2008-01-20