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* New upstream pre-release (requested by upstream)debian/0.13__git20180303.g6178fd34-1Reinhard Tartler2018-03-03
* Revert to libssl 1.1 on upstream's request. This will be reverted as soon as ...debian/0.13__git20180102.g6d7e9562-2Reinhard Tartler2018-02-28
* update packaging for 0.13 prereleaseReinhard Tartler2018-02-20
* Fix FTBFS for signed char architecturesReinhard Tartler2017-06-26
* Fixup bbstored for newer opensslReinhard Tartler2017-06-17
* refresh patchesReinhard Tartler2017-06-16
* delete 07_bug601506.diff - merged upstreamReinhard Tartler2011-10-28
* avoid Y2k38 overflow while generated certificatessiretart@tauware.de2010-11-09
* fix FTBFS with gcc 4.4Reinhard Tartler2009-05-05
* call xsltproc with parameter --nonet to prevent xsltproc from accessing the i...Reinhard Tartler2009-05-05
* remove patches merged upstream:Reinhard Tartler2009-04-13
* remove cross compiling relevant patchesReinhard Tartler2009-04-02
* remove 04-fix-exception-code-generation.diff, doesn't apply upstream anymoreReinhard Tartler2009-04-02
* remove 05-configure_ac-fixes.diff - already upstreamReinhard Tartler2009-04-02
* For some reason, autoconf from sid fails to bootstrap boxbackup.Reinhard Tartler2009-04-01
* add patches to series fileReinhard Tartler2009-03-31
* add 01-adjust_config_basedir.diff as quilt patch, unapply from source treeReinhard Tartler2009-03-31