path: root/distribution/boxbackup/DISTRIBUTION-MANIFEST.txt
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Remove nonexistent directory from distribution manifest.Chris Wilson2014-12-10
* Include qdbm/ in distribution manifest.James O'Gorman2011-08-21
* Remove obsolete cygwin directory.Chris Wilson2010-03-09
* Switch license to GPL for backup parts, and dual GPL/BSD for common Chris Wilson2010-01-23
* Remove reference to missing file TODO.txtChris Wilson2009-09-21
* Fix wrong name of html manual directory.Chris Wilson2009-09-21
* Add more missing documentation to distribution manifests.Chris Wilson2009-09-21
* Add missing docs/html/images directory.Chris Wilson2009-09-21
* Add remaining missing docs/xsl-generic subdirs.Chris Wilson2009-09-21
* Fix missing docs/xsl-generic directory in releases, thanks toChris Wilson2009-09-21
* Update distribution manifest to fix errors with documentation files.Chris Wilson2009-09-14
* Preserve timestamps when doing a binary copy to make a distribution, so Chris Wilson2009-03-28
* Reorganise docs in trunk to match distribution layout, which is cleaner, Chris Wilson2009-03-28
* Put the sed -i parameter back, but without the space, to make both linux Chris Wilson2009-03-28
* Fix patching of ExceptionCodes.txt to actually work on Linux, where sed Chris Wilson2009-03-27
* * Add OS X plists to the distributionJames O'Gorman2008-11-23
* Update distribution manifest to include the DocBook XML sources, as requested...James O'Gorman2008-11-02
* Update distribution generator.James O'Gorman2008-10-27
* Add bbreporter to server RPM spec file and distribution manifest.Chris Wilson2008-04-09
* Use NO-LICENSE-IN-DIR alone to copy directories, removes redundancy.Chris Wilson2008-01-21
* Include documentation in distribution tarballs.Chris Wilson2008-01-20
* Add lib/intercept to distribution manifest, to ensure that it getsChris Wilson2007-06-27
* Merge chris/win32/vc2005-compile-fixes @ r455, add infrastructure/msvc to dis...Ben Summers2006-02-13
* Include all the right win32 directories in distributionsBen Summers2006-02-03
* Fix make distributionMartin Ebourne2005-12-28
* Box Backup 0.09 with a few tweeksBen Summers2005-10-14