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* Set program name in tests to module name (e.g. test/bbackupd).Chris Wilson2008-05-28
* Reorganise includes in test main template.Chris Wilson2008-04-09
* Run daemons quietly (with -K) in tests under Windows.Chris Wilson2008-03-13
* Flush standard output when finishing test, useful on Windows where it Chris Wilson2008-03-01
* Add support for verbosity control in tests.Chris Wilson2008-01-31
* Better way to pass arguments to test daemons, with --test-daemon-args.Chris Wilson2007-12-18
* Pass test options to test daemons.Chris Wilson2007-12-16
* Add -U option to enable logging microsecond timestampsChris Wilson2007-12-15
* Don't add a superfluous leading space to bbackupd_args.Chris Wilson2007-11-06
* Compile fix for [1903].Chris Wilson2007-11-04
* Log something before checking open file descriptors, to ensure thatChris Wilson2007-11-03
* Log exactly which file descriptors have been left open and what they are.Chris Wilson2007-11-03
* Include <string> to avoid compile failures on BSD, thanks James O'Gorman.Chris Wilson2007-06-20
* Add --bbackupd-args and --bbstored-args options, which may be used to passChris Wilson2007-04-22
* #include Test.h to fix compile (needed for TEST_THAT)Chris Wilson2007-03-04
* Compile fix: include std::string definition (refs #3)Chris Wilson2006-12-12
* Initialise timers in all unit tests (refs #9)Chris Wilson2006-11-13
* Initialise memory leak finder in all unit tests (refs #3)Chris Wilson2006-11-13
* (refs #3)Chris Wilson2006-09-02
* * infrastructure/buildenv-testmain-template.cppChris Wilson2006-08-31
* * buildenv-testmain-template.cppChris Wilson2006-08-31
* * mergeChris Wilson2006-07-27
* Merged 210:218 from chris/win32/merge/07-win32-fixes to trunkMartin Ebourne2005-12-12
* Fixing up svn:executable properties.Martin Ebourne2005-12-12
* Box Backup 0.09 with a few tweeksBen Summers2005-10-14