path: root/infrastructure/cmake/windows/CMakeLists.txt
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Add support for OpenSSL 1.1 and replace deprecated function callsChris Wilson2018-01-01
* Remove BoxBackup install step from Windows unibuildChris Wilson2018-01-01
* Speed up superbuild rebuild by not extracting Boost againChris Wilson2018-01-01
* Install Box Backup in a temporary directory in Windows unibuildsChris Wilson2017-09-18
* Reduce AppVeyor build verbosity by passing extra args to sub-CMakeChris Wilson2017-09-16
* Update versions of dependencies for Windows unibuild, add BoostChris Wilson2017-06-18
* Replace most of Appveyor Windows build script with a CMakefile.Chris Wilson2016-09-09