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* Fixup botched mergeReinhard Tartler2017-06-14
* merge upstream version 0.12Reinhard Tartler2017-06-11
| * Silence warnings from new MinGW headers that expect __MINGW_FEATURES__Chris Wilson2011-10-08
| * Restore the newline in the includes variable, it is actually requiredChris Wilson2011-02-28
| * Test whether pdcurses is required to compile with readline support.Chris Wilson2011-02-27
| * Workaround for Mac OSX where readline.h doesn't compile if stdio.h isChris Wilson2010-09-29
| * Detect whether rl_completion_matches or completion_matches is declared Chris Wilson2010-02-26
| * Rewrite configure check for readline lib to match libraries to headers and be...Martin Ebourne2006-01-04
| * Merged martin/autoconf at r35 to trunkMartin Ebourne2005-12-07
* initial commitReinhard Tartler2007-02-14