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* Apply patch from Stuart Hickinbottom <> to fi...Ben Summers2006-06-19
* Fix execute permission on substituted perl scriptsMartin Ebourne2006-03-12
* Patch from Per Thomsen to detect statvfs. This is used by recent versions of ...Martin Ebourne2006-02-23
* Beef up configure checks for 64 bit endian swapping function.Martin Ebourne2006-02-03
* Rewrite configure check for readline lib to match libraries to headers and be...Martin Ebourne2006-01-04
* The last commit fixed the header file check, hopefully this will fix the libr...Martin Ebourne2006-01-02
* Try and bodge round the scary mess Berkeley DB has left us. This possible fix...Martin Ebourne2006-01-02
* Now supports Berkeley DB versions >= 4.1 in addition to 1.x. The versions inb...Martin Ebourne2005-12-28
* Fix FreeBSD not finding sys/mount.hMartin Ebourne2005-12-25
* Add more libdb version checks when configuring for Berkeley DBMartin Ebourne2005-12-15
* Marged chris/win32/merge/07-win32-fixes at r210 to trunkMartin Ebourne2005-12-12
* Merged martin/autoconf at r35 to trunkMartin Ebourne2005-12-07