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* Merge and, write monolithic Makefiles.Chris Wilson2016-08-28
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | This is necessary to fix compilation on machines with large numbers of cores (e.g. Travis build workers) because the build system automatically attempts maximum parallelism, and the old one is broken and tries to build multiple libraries simultaneously. The new buildsystem almost entirely avoids recursive Make: only trivial Makefiles in target directories (which invoke the top-level Makefile to build the appropriate output file) and the old docs makefile are not part of the new master Makefile. Due to higher parallelism and better dependency checking, Make should be much faster now. Not all old targets are supported though. I've removed implicit dependencies hard-coded in the build system, and expressed all dependencies in modules.txt, since the implicit dependencies were confusing, obscure and unnecessary, and it was hard to express their own dependencies on each other. Test both the default target and explicitly "parcels" for release builds on Travis.
* Run tests using special script on Windows.Chris Wilson2015-08-29
| | | | | | Ensures that GCC DLLs are on the path, so that test executables will run. Also run debug tests as well as release tests.
* Allow matching parcel platforms on cpu-vendor and os-cpu-vendor.Chris Wilson2015-05-16
| | | | | | Allows us to match 32/64-bit specific targets in parcels.txt. Add support for variable substitution in parcels.txt.
* We need rm -f to remove read-only files from .svn directory copies in testfiles.Chris Wilson2012-11-15
* Don't regenerate zipped manpages unless needed.Chris Wilson2011-09-25
* Reinstate the -f option to avoid failure if the files don't exist.Chris Wilson2011-06-30
* make make clean remove all auto-generated files, and not use force where ↵Chris Wilson2011-06-30
| | | | it's not necessary.
* Define PACKAGE_TARNAME variable in autoconf, change doc install location ↵James O'Gorman2011-05-02
| | | | from parcel name to this for neatness.
* Use /usr/ucb/install on Solaris as /usr/sbin/install has some odd behaviour.James O'Gorman2011-05-02
* Don't install "subdir" targets, they'll need special instructions.Chris Wilson2011-01-31
* Revert [2710] and [2717], remove TDB and replace with QDBM again, to fix Chris Wilson2010-10-18
| | | | | build on Windows and make it easier to merge Charles' work.
* Fix HTML documentation installation. (merges [2737] from trunk)Chris Wilson2010-09-14
* Remove QDBM, and switch BackupClientInodeToIDMap to use the bundled TDB Chris Wilson2010-08-28
| | | | | instead.
* Play nicely with versions of make which don't support -C <dir>.James O'Gorman2010-04-11
* Only build the static library part of QDBM, as the default dynamic build Chris Wilson2010-02-25
| | | | | | doesn't work on OSX and we don't care about the binary tools. Thanks to Melissa for the bug report.
* Fix the default and clean targets by moving cleaning lines back where Chris Wilson2010-02-15
| | | | | they belong.
* Include html docs in parcels.Chris Wilson2009-04-26
| | | | | Don't include man pages in parcels for Windows.
* Use update copy to speed up rebuilds on windows/cygwin.Chris Wilson2009-04-03
* Use the Makefile in docs/ to build and clean documentation.Chris Wilson2009-03-28
| | | | | Don't rely on location of bb-man.xsl any more.
* Don't skip building docs if we can't find a SVN version, as it breaks Chris Wilson2009-03-27
| | | | | | | | build on exported copies. It doesn't do any harm in distributions either, as long as timestamps on the pre-built man pages are correct, and allows users to modify the docbook source and rebuild as long as they have xsltproc.
* Hook the man pages into the build/install system. Man pages are now included ↵James O'Gorman2008-11-23
| | | | in the client and server parcels and installed to $prefix/man.
* Allow use of literal paths in parcels.txt (i.e. files to be installed ↵James O'Gorman2008-11-22
| | | | outside of $prefix)
* Create destination directory before installing into it, as requestedChris Wilson2008-10-18
| | | | | by David Kaufman for Gentoo.
* Determine whether to use find | xargs at build time, not at run time,Chris Wilson2008-10-08
| | | | | as Solaris/SunOS doesn't have "uname -o".
* Compile fix for (missing definition of @args).Chris Wilson2008-10-08
* Include LICENSE.txt in parcels, but don't install it.Chris Wilson2008-10-08
* Move parcel_* functions into BoxPlatform package to share them withChris Wilson2008-10-05
| | | | | | | | | other scripts. Add a script to print the path to the current parcel directory, for use in to allow this to be placed in substitutions (contrib/windows/installer/boxbackup.mpi in particular).
* Use xargs to delete files on Cygwin, as it's much faster than find -exec.Chris Wilson2008-10-04
* Fix GNUism in use of xargs (xargs -r is a GNU extension) - just get find to ↵James O'Gorman2008-09-05
| | | | perform the delete using -exec.
* Remove built binaries and libraries in clean target, so that it behaves Chris Wilson2008-08-21
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | in a more conventional way, making way for a complete rebuild. Add proper parcel dependencies in GNU make to allow rebuilding just those parcels whose contents have changed. "make" now does what "make clean" would have done before, i.e. rebuild just those files which have changed, and their corresponding parcels. Use cp -p to copy files into parcel directory, so that files which have not changed will not cause the parcel tarball containing them to be rebuilt (-p is specified by POSIX 2004).
* Make the parcel install scripts use $DESTDIR from the environment, toChris Wilson2008-01-29
| | | | | help porters and packagers.
* Allow installing parcel contents in a directory under the prefix other thanChris Wilson2008-01-20
| | | | | | | bindir. Allow matching partial system names.
* Don't break the name of scripts with no path in install scriptChris Wilson2008-01-16
| | | | | (thanks to Guno Heitman for reporting this)
* Don't include the install-backup-client script in Windows builds, as it'sChris Wilson2007-09-19
| | | | | pretty useless without Cygwin, and of marginal use with it (refs #24).
* Improved build targets, thanks to James O'Gorman (fixes #30)Chris Wilson2007-06-30
* Fix make error when optional file doesn't exist (refs #3, merges [1098])Chris Wilson2007-03-04
* This is part 2 of a patch from James O'Gorman.Martin Ebourne2006-03-04
This just renames all of the files that configure now substitutes - no changes to any of the files.